Austria-based company has designed a pair of ‘sunglasses’ that actually “put sunshine into people’s eyes.” Pocket Sky has been designed to provide users with an energy lift using soft blue light helping lift your mood and enabling you to engage in a deeper sleep. Performance consultants of the NBA have started using this therapy which uses colored lights to better adjust to a new time zone and to get players up to their full potential as fast as possible.

The small start-up from Austria had the idea to make the benefits of blue-light-therapy available to private people. Performance issues, shift work, seasonal affective disorder (“winter blues”) and jet lag are among the daily problems of many that the developer team has set out solve.

After many years of development, designing, and intensive testing, Pocket Sky is now available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Pocket Sky is the smallest, most user-friendly and, according to the jury of the Red Dot Award 2019, most stylish light-therapy on the market. The funding goal on Kickstarter was reached within less than five hours on 9 May.

Pocket Sky

To be worn like a pair of glasses, but now impairing the view in any way, Pocket Sky emulates the morning sun by emitting soft blue light and can be used to alleviate winter blues, jet lag or to simply enhance performance and well-being. Twenty minutes a day are enough to obtain the desired benefit. Due to its unrivaled smallness and delicate design, Pocket Sky can be used anytime and anywhere, making it the only truly mobile (and thus truly usable) device on the market.

 Pocket Sky

Disruptions of the circadian rhythm, the internal clock of the human body, can cause discomfort and a decline in performance, known to the general public as jet lag or winter blues. In 2017 the Nobel prize in Medicine went to a team of researchers from the US for demonstrating the importance of the circadian rhythm for humans. By means of biologically active, bluish light Pocket Sky suppresses the production of melatonin and helps with resyncing the body clock with the environment.

Pocket Sky is available on Kickstarter with a starting price of euro 99 (∼ $111 USD).