They say there’s a slot out there for everyone, you’ve just not met them yet! Developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and Eyecon are always looking to craft something new and interesting for you to play, taking you to some of the wackiest worlds ever imagined! We know that a lot of you don’t give two hoots about the look of a slot, you only care about the monetary element at play, not to worry, this article is for you anyway! 

Bonus offers in new online slots are what separate them from the rest of the pack, if every slot were the same then it would be incredibly boring to behold, wouldn’t it? Thankfully, not every slot was created equal, and some have more glitz and glamour than others in the bonus department — in fact some of our favourite slots are those that are heavily focused on the bonuses they offer, despite being ugly as hell to look at. 

We’re going to be covering some of the best slots in the game right now, known for their bonus offers, the sort of offers that will keep you spinning for the foreseeable future! Know that new bonus offers are constantly being added to newly released slots all the time, making it incredibly helpful in offering you some variance! Now, let’s get into this. 

A Brief Intro 

Bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes depending on the slot you happen to be playing — some slots are a lot easier to play than others, so choose wisely if you care about making money in any slot you pickup. Bonuses in slots weren’t never as advanced as they are today, back in the days of fruit slots, all you had was standard gameplay — nothing else, barely any financial incentive to keep pushing on. 

Fast forward to 2019 and practically every developer is perfecting their recipe the ideal online slot machine. Features can play fast and loose with your emotions at times, especially if you are playing with more skin in the game — aka a much higher bet — then trying to take advantage of these bonuses can be a nail-biting experience, we can promise you that. Take the slot Aloha Cluster Pays for example, a slot we’re going to touch on a little bit later. 

Make no mistake about it, if you care about making serious cash in any online slot and have plenty of time on your hands to do it, then you should be playing on the higher bet amounts available to you from the outset and throughout. We only recommend you play on low bet amounts if you are just playing for fun or are practising so you get a better idea on what to expect later on. 

Sometimes practice makes perfect, and learning the ins and outs of a slot can prove helpful in future as we’ve just highlighted — think about it, if you are going into a slot blind without any idea on what to expect bonus-wise, how do you expect to come out on top with the most cash possible once the reels cool down? 

Bonuses in Slot Machines 

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes in the world of online slot gaming — some developers will even go out of their way to create slots that have their own set of bonuses, or bonuses that have been re-skinned for that particular slot. Developers tend to have a signature touch when it comes to the slots they put out too, so similar bonuses tend to have cross-over appeal in other slots within their catalogue — let’s look at the common ones. 

Wild Bonus: The wild bonus is one you’ll find across most slots you know, it is a bonus that will substitute most of what you see on the reels in one fell swoop, replacing every icon with a scatter, or in some cases, free spin. Wilds can sometimes be displayed as an icon with the word ‘wild’ written on them, although for the most part they tend to be hidden quite well due to their fortuitous properties. 

Scatter Bonus: Scatters are the result of matching wild symbols — or will just appear on the reels as normal in some cases. Scatters will toss around symbols on the reels, giving you more ways to form successful combinations from bad spins. Most of the time you’ll find that scatters are the gateway to free spins outright, which is true for the most part, but as we stated above, wilds can sometimes be the keys. 

Free Spins Bonus: One of the easiest ways to make money in any online slot machine is to reap the rewards of the free spins bonus, a bonus that essentially applies a multiplier to your scores, thus handing you a massive score once you choose to leave the game officially. The number of free spins you earn is determined through the amount of scatters involved in the winning line. 

Expanding Symbols Bonus: Some slots have recently been adding expanding symbols to their arsenal of bonuses on offer! Symbols that expand in any slot will make them a hell of a lot easier to match, wouldn’t you agree? The way you trigger an expanding symbol will vary depending on the slot you’re playing — we should mention that any expanded symbol you match will normally increase your score tenfold too! 

Mini-Game Bonus: Some slots will have a mini-game element to them that adds to the standard gameplay beside it. One of our favourite examples of this in practice would be in the Eyecon developer slot Fluffy Favourites and its prize pick feature. Like the free spins bonus, this one will make sure you are profiting from multipliers, some that are just as strong as those you’ll find in the free spins round outright!