Making online casino payment, customers must ensure that all debits and credits are completed in a prompt and accurate way. It is equally important to confirm that the information and other credit card details are not shared with unauthorized people. It is within the gambling legislature for operators to make sure that customer’s data is protected at all times. The latest data encryption software, 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the most trusted system when it comes to data and transaction protection. This article covers everything that there is no know about online casino money transaction technologies and much more.

Debit and Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are among the oldest transaction technologies in the gambling world. They are accepted globally and use modern security software to protect customers’ data. Some of the widely accepted credit and debit cards are:


This is one of the most popular credit card payment systems in Europe and around the world. It came into the business as early as 1958 and currently has a net income of about 7 billion dollars. Visa is not only used in casinos but also for paying for goods and services.


Since 1966, MasterCard has been on the frontline of providing customers with a safe way of paying for goods and services. This is everyone’s top priority when it comes to pre-paid cards and also works with popular e-wallets to provide debit card services. MasterCard has a net income of about 4 billion USD and is linked to more than 25,000 financial institutions.


Though Maestro is a subsidiary of the giant MasterCard debit card, it is independent of the latter. It is one of the top choices among online gamblers because it is simple to use and convenient.

Electronic Wallets

Electronic wallets or e-wallets as it commonly referred to is among the latest technologies in the online casino gambling industry. These digital wallets are used by customers to deposit or withdraw funds from their online casino accounts. The best thing about e-wallets is that you can keep track of your activities. The most common e-wallets are:


Neteller is one of the most popular e-wallets in the online casino industry. There are numerous operators that let customers move their funds to and fro casino accounts via Neteller. It is no wonder is considered the ‘PayPal of Online Casinos’.


Skrill started as ‘Moneybookers’ before it adopted its new brand name. Though it started by offering its services to Facebook, Skype, and eBay, it is now a global payment system. The UK-based company also owns popular brands like UKASH and Paysafe.


Founded back in 1998, PayPal boasts as one of the first digital wallets to hit the market. Its services are available in over 200 countries and have more than 254 million users. It is quite easy to use and accepts 25 different currencies. What is required is a credit or debit card account.


ecoPayz is one of the most used payment options for Asian and Middle-East online gamblers. It was started in 2000 and is owned by PSI-Pay Ltd. Though it works more or less like PayPal, it’s cheaper, well-designed mobile applications, and uses sophisticated security technology.


Although Paysafecard is an e-wallet, it is widely recognized for its prepaid card services. The advantage of this payment system is that it can be bought from anywhere, both online and offline. It is the best alternative for adding funds to your casino account.


Cryptocurrencies are the latest innovations in the online gambling world. This new payment system is a top choice among many gamblers because it is safe, anonymous, faster and hassle-free. There are numerous types of cryptocurrencies available in the online casino market. Some of them include:


This was the first crypto coin to be used globally. Bitcoin casinos attract many users because they are safer compared to other traditional systems. Currently, Bitcoin or BTC is the most valuable Cryptocurrency, up to 3.65 Euros for I BTC. The only downside of this system is that the transaction fee may be slightly higher.


Ethereum or ETH is considered the updated version of Bitcoin for various reasons. Unlike the BTC, Ethereaum has the ability to run all types of programs. The advantage of playing at ETH casinos is that they allow instant withdrawals, great privacy, and favorable house edge rates.


Even though Litecoin (LTC) uses the same technology as its predecessor, Bitcoin, it comes with unique features that make it a favorite among punters. This allows both low and high roller customers to play without any difficulties. Litecoin offers faster transactions at very affordable rates.

Mobile Payments

The affordability and availability of mobile payment systems have made it possible for people to add or withdraw funds from their casino accounts from anywhere in the world. Though some of the mobile systems are limited to specific countries or regions, they are very reliable and easy to use. The most common ones are:


Zimpler is a globally accepted mobile payment option that is easy and straightforward. To start using it, you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number and the unique code that is sent to you. The advantage of it is that you can track your financial history at all times. Zimpler is commonly used in European online casinos.


Boku is a smartphone application cum e-wallet that allows customers to make payments through carriers. It is a common system for mobile gamblers in the US. The good thing about Boku is that you can add a credit card too.

Pay for It

Pay for It mobile payment method is another best alternative for people who love playing on the go. Its presence is widely felt in South American countries, especially Brazil.

Besides the aforementioned online casino money transaction technologies, some players prefer to use offline systems like Bank Wire transfers, eChecks, and Western Union services. These are great alternatives for people who are in restricted countries or where technology is still new.

Bottom Line

Regardless of where your location in this world, you can be rest assured to find an online casino transaction system that works for you. The options we have listed above will help you to deposit or withdraw funds from your casino account. The best thing about most of these payment options is that they reward bonuses and other promotions to customers.