As the world of online casino gaming and online slots continues to grow and advance, so too do the regulations. It would not be inaccurate to say that all of the things we humans like to do in life come with regulations, be it from authority or ourselves. Although we may not like them, perhaps arguably, we have regulations in place to help keep us all safe. 

There is an ongoing debate however, around how safe we can actually be at an online casino. Play slots will always be popular, and so regulations will have to keep up with the demand. There have been stories about people being conned at an online casino that was not legitimate, and it’s this kind of thing that regulations protect us from. 

Free slot games regulations 

Playing free slot games used to be something that nobody would bat an eyelid at. Now, playing online slots free at an online casino is a harder thing to do. Before new rules and regulations came into place, anyone could go online, find the online casino of their choosing and play slots free of charge. The new regulations don’t enable people to do this unless they are above a certain age and have verified that. 

Regulations like age verification aren’t a bad idea, as they were put in place for good reason. We have all heard the stories about children for instance, who have nabbed their parent’s phone and then they’ve been hit with a huge bill. 

Not only that, but online slots don’t exactly make for the most child-friendly choice of game. One question that remains unanswered though is how tight that regulation is? It’s hard to truly verify your age online when it is all done at the click of a button. 

 Online Slots Regulations Explained 

New rules: credit card deposit ban 

A new regulation that has been announced is that credit card deposits at any online casino is no longer to be accepted. This rule has been put in place with the aim to stop fraudsters using other people’s credit cards for gambling, and to protect problem gamblers. 

Of course, there are ways around this in keeping with the law. Online slots usually offer free slot games and jackpot slots in the form of no deposit free spins, and there are plenty of free slot games out there to play. 

How to play online slots in line with regulations 

It’s easier than you think to play slots in line with the regulations and still have fun. Firstly, go to an online casino which offers no deposit free spins and allows players to win free games. There are also plenty of free UK slots to play from too. 

New games and other casino games are also worth thinking about as-well. Any good online casino will offer punters an array of free casino games and jackpot games as well. Online slots regulations can be painful, but it’s possible to still enjoy slots in line with regulations.