Casinos such as Platin Casino online all use top-quality technology in order to provide their games to players. Rather than utilising their own software, online casinos are much more likely to out-source their software needs to third party companies, using the games these providers have created on their platform. In fact, it’s this utilisation of third party software that has helped to make the online gaming industry one of the fastest-growing online industries in the world. And it’s this usage of the latest technology and design that allows online casinos to forge ahead in terms of offering improved functionality and gamification to players.

Types of online casino software

Online casinos have already made leaps and bounds when it comes to the services they offer. In the past, these sites offered downloadable only games, requiring players to have the software on their computers. This soon changed to offer up Flash sites, which meant players could simply log in and get playing right away. The industry quickly took things a lot further by upping their game and making games that didn’t need any downloading and that could be played on mobile devices through the use of HTML5 technology. In order to continue providing better gaming experiences, the next step was to offer live games, creating an immersive experience.

 Future Trends of Online Casino Design

Taking igaming technology further

Taking this immersion further, online casinos are now beginning to offer virtual reality options in their games. Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive and Sony are all options for players to enjoy many of the online casino games, interacting with players and dealers alike. Augmented reality is another up and coming option where players can explore cities and interact with other gamblers around the world too. Finally, there are also networking technologies being put in place, allowing players to compete against each other or pooling their bankrolls for bigger wins. In short, the iGaming industry is improving rapidly – soon players will be able to enjoy all of this and much more.