When it comes to human relationships and social interaction, few outlets have been impacted as much as online dating. More and more individuals are choosing to sign up for a dating platform rather than relying on offline avenues like bars or nightclubs. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. So many singles have decided that being able to choose from a diverse range of potential partners by tapping a few details into a computer, at home, is such a convenient way of connecting. So what are the main areas that have been affected?


One of the most obvious impacts of modern technology on our ability to form relationships is in the degree of choice now on offer. Previously, singles were restricted to the types of environments where they could hang out to contact like-minded individuals. Going to local bars or nightclubs favoured by others in their situation would mean getting into contact with those individuals who happened to be sharing that location. With Internet matching resources like iwantu.com you can reach out to a diverse range of individuals from so many different backgrounds. Increasing numbers of relationships are now being formed between people living in different communities, or even timezones.


When you embark on Internet dating you can decide who you would like to get in touch with from the outset. When you are signing up to one of the matchmaking websites or apps, you can fine-tune your searches so that the results filter out those individuals you would not normally be attracted to. There is a slight possibility of you excluding singles who might fall under the category of ‘opposites attracting,’ but for the most part, this is countered by the fact you establish how appropriate your prospective partners are straight away.

 The Effect of Modern Technology on Human Relationships

Communication is straightforward

Another fantastic attribute of online dating is the way that technology has evolved to make it so much more convenient to touch base. There might be situations where the person you have been communicating with is moving to a different location, perhaps through work or study. You can maintain regular contact via video-chatting technologies, giving you the ability to enjoy full-blooded three-dimensional dialogue as if the person was in the same room. This allows you to keep up a high degree of flirtatious activity, with the advent of virtual reality (VR) tech enhancing the experience.

Ease-of-communication can be a negative trait

Not everything about modern technology has been beneficial to human relationships. It has to be conceded that having such ready ease of online communication can sometimes be detrimental. Have you been in a social situation, such as a bar or restaurant, and noticed other couples, smartphones permanently within easy reach, engaged in sporadic flurries of online activity? Each of them might occasionally cast a glance in their partner’s direction, in-between Facebook posts or checking how many Instagram likes their last upload prompted. There is a time and a place to be involved in social media or other aspects of modern technology, so a modicum of common sense is required. Otherwise, the virtual world can supersede face-to-face contact.