If you’re considering using a proxy service, you are probably well aware of the benefits it brings. For a lot of us the way the internet works remains a hard to explain mystery, but we all know the online world is far from being a safe place, with threats and risks hiding behind every click or tap. That’s why proxies are so popular among intent users. From improved security and privacy to better internet usage and avoiding annoying restrictions, proxies can do all that and more. 

But how do you choose the best proxy service once you’ve decided you want to purchase one? The variety of choices can be overwhelming, for beginners and seasoned internet users alike. Luckily, we’re here to help you out and share a few tips on how to choose a reliable proxy provider. 

Know your proxies

Before you start searching for proxy services, it’s important to know there are different types of proxies available and each of them comes with pros and cons. Residential proxies, datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, anonymous proxies, transparent proxies are just a few of the options available. So, learning the basics about each type of proxy should provide a good starting point for your research, as it will help you figure out what kind of proxy best suits your needs. Then, if you’ve decided you want to buy residential proxies for example, you can take your investigations further and look for reliable residential proxy providers. 

 The Smart Way to Choose a Proxy Service

Avoid free proxies 

As with any product or service out there, pricing is very important. Getting a free proxy might be tempting, especially if you’re on a tight budget, but if you should know that it’s highly unlikely for a free proxy service to provide the same benefits and performance level as a paid one. Most free proxies are unsafe and unreliable, so it’s better to steer clear from them. you want to have complete peace of mind when using a proxy, and free services simply won’t be able to meet your expectations. If you want to find a quality proxy, make sure the price matches the performance. 

Choose a legitimate provider 

The best way to make sure you’re purchasing a trustworthy proxy service is to stick to reliable providers. Obviously, the internet is brimming with companies that offer proxy services for all budgets and some of their offers might sound amazing, but before you jump into buying such a service, do a bit of research on the seller and make sure he’s a legitimate proxy provider and not some scam to steal your money. 

Check out the reviews

One way to tell if a proxy provider is reliable and delivers what he promises is by reading the reviews it gets from customers. A trustworthy company will have a lot of positive reviews and comments from previous clients. So, reading what other users have to say about a service will help you find out if the provider you’re considering is what you’re looking for or not.