The 21st century has introduced us to new dimensions of graphic design, as seen in this article, and with the increasing online digital space, it plays more of an essential role than it ever has before. From creating online interfaces to online marketing, and social media to online games, graphic design can be seen everywhere on the digital screen.


Potentially one of the most complex areas of digital design is within the gaming sector. Not only are motion graphics required, but attention to detail for credible elements and gaming instructions are vital. It’s safe to say the gaming industry has come a long way from the game of snakes you would play on your phone to realistic interfaces on your computer screen. Here we take a look at how graphic design plays an important role in online gaming.

Marketing for online gaming

Implementing a marketing strategy is an essential task for gaming businesses as they face a host of competition with it being such a saturated market. This is where graphic design comes in to help them stand out, especially when social media is home to so many online businesses.

Often, people are attracted to what is most visually pleasing, so creating a design that an audience can understand and relate to will go a long way. The graphic designs created for marketing campaigns also need to be consistent with the branding guidelines to ensure the audience can identify the business in question just by looking at the design. This way, you’re likely to create brand value and retain customers.

Instructional graphic design

Whether targeting a new online gamer or a returning gamer, online instructions for games enable the customer to have a smooth experience. Often infographics, which is information in graphic form, are implemented for gaming instructions.

An online gaming company in New Zealand wrote an article that explains how customers can benefit from bonuses and free spins for their online casinos. Throughout the article, the text is accompanied by tables, which is a form of an infographic, to better inform their readers. By doing this, the aim of their article becomes clearer and it draws readers’ attention to the important information. Additionally, using existing branding and logos can help inform customers of services available efficiently and effectively. By doing this, sites such as this can provide and concise information in their reviews.

Gaming graphics


So far, we’ve looked at how graphics are used in gaining attention and explaining instructions for online games, but what about the actual game itself? Motion graphics are well articulated to ensure they reach their maximum potential in achieving authenticity. Often, online games are an adaptation of real-life games, such as the casino, so making them as close to the real thing as possible is essential in ensuring the gamer enjoys their experience.

All in all, graphic design has become a key aspect of businesses across many industries. Through the exploration of online gaming, it has been demonstrated that graphic design plays an essential role in ensuring the success of the digital game. Think about it, without design in marketing, fewer people would be attracted to the game, without design in instructions, people may be less clear on how the game works, and without design in the game itself, people might be left less satisfied with the game they have played.