The Internet changed everything, including our way of living and had a profound effect on society. Not surprisingly, it also impacted the most popular games and bingo fans were among the recipients of this change. The good news is that the changes were all for the better and people who used to enjoy the game in land-based locations happily migrated online. A significant percentage of those who used to play exclusively in traditional bingo parlors have moved online and few people are willing to go back.

The bingo demographics has expanded

The first noticeable effect of bingo being available online is that the demographics have changed. Not only the number of people playing, but also the structure of the bingo community is different and it continues to change. Elderly people used to dominate the brick-and-mortar bingo parlors, with women representing a significant percentage of all players. They continue to be an important part of the online bingo community, but the balance has shifted in the favor of younger individuals.

Many of those who play bingo online are tech savvy people who don’t necessarily regard it as a form of gambling and will read detailed bingo reviews from portals like who compare hundreds of new bingo sites. Even those who bet real money do it casually and because of the low cost of bingo tickets, they don’t feel any pressure. There are still slightly more women playing bingo than men, but one of the biggest changes brought about by online bingo is that many of them are younger. Stay-at-home moms have discovered the excitement of online bingo and enjoying playing it casually on a weekly basis.

 How the Internet Changed Online Bingo

Online bingo rooms meet players halfway

The accelerated growth of the online bingo community can also be traced back to the emergence of the first bonuses. Healthy competition between bingo rooms, as well as casinos offering this game has led to a flurry of bonuses and promotional offers. Some of the best financial incentives are reserved to those who sign up for an account, but there are winning opportunities for existing members. These promotions provide the motivation to sign up and keep playing, which slowly solidifies the bingo community

Free games are also much appreciated by bingo fans, with a significant percentage of gamers choosing to play for free. It helps that online casinos have added bingo to the lineup of games that can be tried for free on virtual currency. There are even hybrid promotions that allow punters to play bingo for free while still having a shot at winning real prizes. Free bingo tickets for real money games are used to grant players this unique opportunity and they have helped with both the acquisition of new players and their retention.

New technologies push bingo forward

The advancement of technology is a strong catalyst for the growth of online bingo, a game that benefits greatly from any step forward. Mobile gaming is now an integral part of the online bingo experience and everyone can play their favorite games on smartphones and tablets. Virtual reality could be the next big thing for online gambling, including bingo games and should propelled Internet gaming to the next level.