Casinos have been around since time began. Wherever there’s been a decent population of people, there will have been gambling in some form or another.

For some reason, there’s a certain percentage of us out there who love to try and outsmart the system, or another human being, for material gain.

Now during lockdown and the enforced closure of many bricks and mortar casinos, these thrill-seekers turned towards online gambling as a way to tick those boxes. 

The thought of playing against a computer might not set pulses racing in the same way, while there’ll always be a hint of suspicion that a casino isn’t being as generous as it could in the way it decides winners and losers.

But luckily there are a few bits of technology that should put suspicious minds at ease.

Check the RTP

Players who are keen to see how much a particular game pays out should always consult the RTP. This acronym stands for return to player, and it’s a really important aspect of online casinos. 

This term mainly applies to online slots, and will help players understand how winnings are paid out and at what frequency. It should be stressed that this is just a guide, but it’s a useful one nevertheless.

If you want to play a certain game and see the RTP is 60%, it means that you’ll probably make a 4c loss for every $1 that you spend. Naturally, it makes sense to hunt for the games with a larger RTP and thus you’re more likely to turn a profit or break even.

Games with an RTP of 90% or above should be played as these are likely to churn out more winners more often.

 How do Casino Games Work from a Technological Point of View?

Random number generators keep things legit

As mentioned before, it can be difficult to trust the machine. But that’s where random number generators come into play. 

Games of chance are powered by random number generators, which fire off an impossibly fast sequence of numbers that is impossible to predict and are as close as being truly random as possible.

This serves two functions:

  1. Keeps the casinos protected against fraud.
  2. Also ensured slots and random game outcome is fair, which creates good playing conditions and makes sure customers come back.

Still not convinced? Businesses have sprung up around testing random number generators to ensure their integrity. Gaming Labs is one of these, and they test and validate RNG software.

Only play at licensed websites

This one isn’t strictly about technology – it’s more of a smart life lesson. Players should only gamble with casinos that have been properly vetted and licensed. 

You’ll find that many sites are registered with the Malta Gaming Authority, and will display their credentials on an About Us page. When you have that information and are armed with knowledge about RTP and RNG, you’ll find that you have much more peace of mind.