There’s nothing worse than being away from your friends. Whether you’re all stuck inside, or you live in different areas, you can still find a way to get together – with the power of the internet. Video conferencing apps have got better and better over the last couple of years. So, now it’s time to use that technology to keep your social life active. Here’s how to host a virtual games night:

Make sure your connection is perfect 

First off, you need to make sure you’ve got a good connection. Nothing ruins a video call like a spotty connection. You’ll get into the swing of conversation, only for it to be ruined by everyone’s faces freezing. Even if you have to sit right next to your wireless router, it’s worth making sacrifices to make sure you don’t cut out midway through a game of truth or dare. 

Don’t invite too many people 

If you’re a social butterfly, it can be tempting to invite everyone you know into chat. Be warned, though; it will quickly ruin the flow of conversation. The more people there are on the call, the more you will get interrupted. Keep it to a maximum of four or five. Any more, and you are going to spend all night acting as a conversation referee. 

Pick games beforehand 

Pick the games before you get everyone into the call, and you’ll avoid an awkward moment. You can play almost any game over a video call, from drinking games to board games. You’ll just have to adapt the rules slightly. The games that work best over a video call are the ones that don’t require any additional equipment. For example, the drinking game ‘Never Have I Ever’ works perfectly.

 How to Host a Virtual Game Night

Visit a casino 

If you can’t think of any games to play, why not visit a virtual casino like All Slots Canada. You can play anything from poker and blackjack to online slots. It might not feel as fancy as the real thing, but you could make it more special by dressing up. 

Have a few drinks to loosen up 

Find video calls awkward? Why not loosen yourself up with a couple of drinks? The main reason that people find video calls difficult is because they have to stare face-to-face. A couple of cocktails will soften your anxiety and make it easier to enjoy your virtual games night. Just remember to drink responsibly. No one wants to get kicked out of a video call for being drunk and disorderly. 

Know when to call it a night

Video calls can really drag on if you’re not careful. You may have 10 different games planned and a bunch of other fun games, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow through. When the energy is down and no one is feeling it, just call it a night. You probably won’t want to run for more than a few hours. Knowing when to call it a night is important if you want everyone to do it again.