Dozens of different slots are available to players in modern online casinos and gambling halls. Nowadays, you can choose from gaming products by NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, and many other companies. New slots appear quite often and come with advanced designs and gameplay mechanics. Almost every month, developers release new products and invite gamblers to test them out. For a regular player, it may seem easy to create a new slot machine. But is it so in reality? What does it take to launch a new game? What is the path from idea to final product? Let’s dive deep into the process.

Key Stages of Video Slot Development

Every time you try to play slot machines online, you hardly think about the whole story around the creation of a particular game, which is fair. However, you should also know that building a new game is not something that can be done overnight. Lots of effort and time are required. So, here are the key stages that every game goes through. The whole process of creating a modern slot machine can be divided into the following steps.

1. Search for Ideas

The developers choose the theme and idea for the future slot game. They will determine the design, gameplay features, and other nuances of the visual type. Some historical events or personalities, some modern phenomena, or trends can be used as a key subject. If developers want to “borrow” visual images or design from some already existing work, be it a TV series, film, or book, then in most cases, they will contact the copyright holders to conclude a contract. Otherwise, there is a high risk of litigation, which will lead to the recall of the slot machine.

 How Online Slots Are Created - Key Game Development Stages

2. Creation of Game Mechanics

As a rule, developers use an already existing base of tech features – it is easier, faster, and cheaper. In addition, almost all slots are basically identical: the same reels, the same bet lines, the same types of symbols, the same bonus levels. But, of course, unique innovations can also be introduced. This is done in advance so that the main mechanics are not affected by new functions.

3. Development of Visual & Sound Accompaniment

Designers and sound specialists create content for a machine. This refers to the background image for the playing field, character design, special effects, music, sounds, and so on. Everything that provides the slot with high-quality content.

4. Final Product Testing

After assembling the ready-made gaming product, a thorough test is carried out. This is necessary in order to exclude errors and bugs in the calculation of prizes and points during the game. There is no such machine that is launched without proper testing and bug fixing.

5. Presentation

When the product is ready, an advertising campaign begins. The game is presented at some gaming conference; a video trailer is published; news is posted on the official website and thematic resources. All this is needed to draw attention to the new gaming machine.