Here’s a statistic that might surprise you. According to recent surveys, anywhere up to one-in-three of modern relationships commenced in the online environment. So next time you spot an amorous couple, perhaps strolling through a park holding hands, their initial introduction may well have taken place via text messages rather than conventional conversations. With thousands of dating sites and apps to choose from, these outlets must surely be the perfect solution for singles seeking a partner? Not necessarily. Here are the pros, and some cons, of looking for a relationship online.



Digital dating has always benefitted people from more marginalised communities. LGBTQ individuals once felt they had far fewer options for mixing with kindred spirits than their straight counterparts. Whether you are gay, straight or bisexual, there are numerous sites and apps to refer to. Gay guys might previously have relied on hanging around in a handful of bars. Now they can access M4M personals and instantly find themselves in the company of like-minded individuals. The online environment represents a haven where males seeking males will never be judged.


What type of relationship are you looking for? Something short-term and casual, with no strings attached? Or are you searching for your soulmate? Whatever your aspiration, there will be a suitable site. This is why many singles take advantage of the free registration offered by many sites and apps, so they can get a feel of what a particular outlet offers before deciding which one to commit to. If you don’t like what you see, you can quickly move on.


Apps can be easily downloaded, allowing you to initiate flirting with the tap of a few keys. Singles can be engaging with other site members, no matter where they are, making it easy to factor your dating activities into an otherwise busy timescale. You can send ‘winks’ or ‘like’ profiles to get across that you are interested in particular individuals. When it comes to exchanging messages, you are free to text, email, phone, or even indulge in video chats.


You don’t need to view dating sites as purely matchmaking platforms. These are also social hubs, a place where you can interact with a variety of people. When you enter the chat rooms you can get involved in all sorts of interesting group discussions, widening your social circle. As soon as you feel yourself being drawn to someone, you can break away from the communal aspect and indulge in one-on-one conversations, developing chemistry.

 Looking for Relationship in the Online Environment: Pros and Cons


Too much choice?

There are so many sites out there, newbies often feel overwhelmed. What are the subtle differences that would make site A better for finding an appropriate  partner than sites B, C or D? The good news is many websites offer free registration, meaning you can check out the functionality before committing to becoming a subscribed member. 

Inaccurate profiles

When you’re trying to attract other singles to your profile page, it’s only natural to be tempted to present the best image of yourself. This can lead to some users exaggerating their achievements. It’s always a golden rule to be as honest as possible when presenting your character traits to prospective partners, avoiding potential awkwardness when you meet face to face and the truth is revealed! A less common issue is so-called ‘catfishing,’ where a profile isn’t just distorted but downright false. As soon as you get a hint that someone you are chatting with might not be what they seem, block them, or report them to site administration.