We are living through an unprecedented stage in the history of the human race. Covid-19 has turned working from an emergency alternative when you can’t get to the office, into a normal, everyday practice.

And as people work from home in more and more situations, we have seen the explosion of communications technologies. We have Zoom meetings, Skype calls – and advances in mobile phone technology make it easier to live life from a distance than ever before.

The vast majority of the innovators, researchers, and policy-makers surveyed in an article from Pew Research Center predict that technology will become increasingly important in people’s lives. This was already quite a strong trend even before the pandemic, but especially since the advent of Covid, we increasingly rely on the internet for all our needs.

In the next five years, say the authors, we should expect to find digital technologies becoming essential in the workplace, the classroom, the financial environment – even healthcare is likely to move increasingly online.

 The Future of Canadian Entertainment: Are In-Door Experiences the New Norm?

Online Gaming in Canada

Entertainment and media are among the largest contributors to Canada’s economy. Along with the renaissance of tv and the decline of print news media, the rise of online gaming is one of the main entertainment trends.

Unlike much of the USA, Canada allows its residents to visit the online casino of their choice without breaking the law. Currently, online gaming makes up nearly half of Canada’s casino gaming turnover: it is worth up to $6 billion. With such great graphics, audio and video, and online payment methods, iGaming is taking over the world.

Online gaming is a convenient way for beginners to try out new games without feeling embarrassed amidst a crowd of experts. Moreover, when you provide your games online, you don’t need the physical floor space to store all your equipment. This means that modern online casinos (of which Casumo is one of our favourites) are able to offer their customers an incredible range of games.

Online gaming allows players to experience the excitement of the gaming table without having to set foot outside their homes. (Anyone who’s ever experienced a Canadian winter will appreciate what a bonus this can be!)

Bottom Line

With everything you need instantly accessible at the click of your mouse, there is little incentive for anybody to get out of the house. In the third decade of the twenty-first century, we may be all set to become the generation of the worst couch potatoes ever!