Do you want to know the most popular streaming services in Canada? You’ve come to the correct spot because we’re going to go over all of the possibilities available in Canada step by step.

Why not, when the United States is regarded as a center of excellence for the finest and most adaptable streaming services and content? For example, while watching US Netflix or Hulu in Canada is possible, it’s also possible to access it from the United States or another neighboring country. With monthly subscription plans that include a lot of series and films.

But it isn’t over yet; we also have a bonus for you in the blog, but for that, keep reading to discover what we have explained here so far for you regarding the great streaming services in Canada. Like Netflix, one of the most renowned services all over the world is Hulu, & streaming Hulu in Canada is not possible legally as it is blocked because of copyrights and content policies but you can unblock all blocked services via recommended VPN service. Stay calm and read the whole blog to get skilled in order to circumvent the restrictions on streaming platforms.

1. Netflix 

Netflix comes with hundreds of episodes and films in the works and new and original material arriving every month, it’s one of the greatest entertainment streaming services available.

People of all ages and various genres can benefit from it. Netflix has them all, whether it’s anime, a crime thriller, or a documentary series. It is one of the finest streaming services in Canada, with a wide range of titles coming in each day. It Is available globally in every region of the world and has compatibility with all the devices.


  • Basic: $10/month
  • Standard: $15/month
  • Premium: $19/month

2. CBS All Access

If you enjoy watching reality TV programs from CBS, then CBS All Access is the service for you because it has all of the channel’s most popular shows and material in one place.

It also includes a taste of CBS’s live programming, such as ET Live. If you want to watch TV stations in Canada and shows like Young Sheldon, Big Brother, and more, this is the app to download. Available in Australia, Canada, and the United States and works with all devices.


  • With Limited Ads: $60/year and $6/month
  • Ads Free: $100/year and $10/month 

3. Amazon Prime Video

In other countries, Amazon Prime Video has been a huge success, although in Canada it lags behind Netflix. It provides a wide range of media choices, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and other popular Originals such as The Big Bang Theory and local productions. In all areas of the earth, and with all sorts of devices,


  • $9/month 

4. Disney+

Disney Plus is the most family-friendly streaming service in Canada, with the finest selection of children’s programming. Because of its success over a year ago, Disney Plus Canada may be found in every household now.

It has a wider selection of material than Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and it’s a great spot to discover new favorites. It specializes in Disney classics from the beginning, as well as producing several Disney Plus Originals, including The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Hamilton becoming a home for the smash Broadway hit.

It’s accessible in the United States, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. It is compatible with all devices to enable it to operate.


  • Monthly Plan: $12/month
  • Yearly Plan: $120/year 

 couple of girls watch a movie streaming on the computer

5. Apple TV+

It’s a relatively new service from Apple, and it’s an appealing new streaming service that offers something for everyone, which are exclusively Apple Originals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Since the service is still new, the content selection is not particularly extensive, but it has a bright future as a result of notable personalities such as Jason Momoa, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Aniston.

The service is available in all regions across the world and it’s compatible to run on any machine or device.


  • $6/month with a free 7-day trial

6. Crave TV

Crave is a Canadian television service owned by Bell Media that provides Super Écran, Showtime, Starz, and HBO programming in addition to other films and series. Crave Original TV also features a variety of shows.

Crave TV is a Canadian variant of HBO Max, so you won’t be disappointed if you’re from Canada. Crave TV has several excellent offerings, including High Fidelity, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Westworld.

Service is available in Canada only, it is compatible with all the devices


  • Crave: $10/month
  • Add-on (HBO+Movies ): $20/month
  • Add-on (Starz + HBO + Movies ): $26/month

7. Youtube Premium

When the program is minimized, who doesn’t like listening to music? There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s Youtube. You’ll get a slew of original TV shows and movies as well as music with YouTube Premium. It also allows you to download the video for later viewing so you can watch it without being online.

Available in all the regions with global compatibility with devices. It comes with free trials for all the plans they offer.


  • Basic Plan: $12/month
  • Family Plan: $18/month
  • Student Plan: $7/month


DAZN is a paradise for sports fans that prefers to watch all of the live top games whenever they choose. For individuals like this, because DAZN has everything from basketball to football and even wrestling, it’s the greatest sports streaming service in Canada. Worldwide availability and compatibility with all devices


  • Monthly Plan: $20.99/month
  • Yearly Plan: $150/year

9. Britbox

BBC and ITV plc’s Stan is a streaming service that includes British programming and programs. BBC’s Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and Coronation St are just a few of the best English series accessible on BBC iPlayer.

There are several options, such as Aretha Franklin: From These Roots and DragonflyTV. Britbox also has a number of its programs on the platform, including Dark Heart and Meghan & Harry: A Revolutionary Romance.

Available in all the regions of the world and compatible with all the devices.


  • Monthly Plan: $7/month
  • Yearly Plan: $70/year


In the age of internet technologies, anyone may just beam anything they want online from anywhere on Earth; all they have to do is a link to a solid VPN. You’ll be able to access every one of Canada’s streaming providers with this VPN.

This guide should help you in selecting the finest streaming services in Canada, both paid and free.