It would be fair to say that social media and online dating have changed the world. The statistics behind digital interaction are fairly mind-boggling. Of the world’s population (currently 7.7 billion), almost 3.3 billion tap into the Internet regularly. Where social media platforms are concerned, this equates to one-in-three of everyone on the planet (or two-thirds of all Internet users). Social media and online dating may be represented by different sites and apps, but these platforms overlap in many areas. Many of those downloading dating apps are also likely to be engaging in social media platforms. And vice versa. So how have modern relationships been affected by the massive rise in all forms of digital engagement?

Integration between dating and socializing

Modern relationships have become inextricably linked with social media and dating outlets. Singles can use either medium to find love, although in most cases, social media users might well have a dating app downloaded to their computer or smart device. The immediacy of having access to Facebook groups of individuals sharing your tastes, or Instagram followers with similar hobbies, is reflected in dating outlets matching users according to compatibility. Taking into the consideration this trend, snapchat dating is an excellent example of a social media/dating crossover. The instant access to profiles of friends, their proximity reflected by geolocation technology, is perfect for anyone seeking prospective partners, too.

Diverse outlets

Today, there are so many different types of relationships, more so than at any previous time. Take the example of the LGBTQ community. Social media and online dating are now providing them with a haven where they can feel free to interact with like-minded individuals. Nuanced tastes are being catered for, too.

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Easy matchmaking

The moment you go online to search for a prospective partner, you take control of your destiny. It’s up to you which social media posts to follow, and which friendship requests you’d rather choose to ignore. When it comes to registering for online dating, your task of establishing a relationship becomes even more straightforward. You can browse through profiles, keeping an eye out for individuals who cause your pulse to quicken. Or you can sit back and allow the computer programs to bring prospective partners to you! Algorithms will assess the information you provide during the application process, instantly comparing these results with the details of other members. If you happen to share hobbies or interests, these can be highlighted. The site will steer you towards those individuals who would appear to be most compatible.

Joining online communities

There is so much more to the type of relationship you can forge these days. If dating was once the preserve of singles seeking partners, social media and online matching services have evolved into something truly special – and beneficial. Where dating outlets are concerned, they are mirroring social media platforms in that they offer blogs, forums and chat room facilities. Joining a particular site can be like gaining access to an invaluable support network. For those who have previously felt less included – such as the LGBTQ community – these outlets have become social hubs. Newcomers will always be made to feel welcome. Anyone new to the LGBTQ scene can receive support and guidance from more experienced site users.