iPhones are one of the most popular devices across the world. They are highly secure and provide a great user experience to customers. As a result, a lot of people vouch for their iPhones and are not ready to use any other smartphone.

While it’s good to own a good product, being too confident about it is not recommended. What is the issue here?

So, why do you need a VPN for your iPhone?

Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Your iPhone?

Your iPhone needs a VPN for countless reasons. You can protect yourself and your privacy using a VPN. If you want, you can also try a free VPN for iPhone to test the features and functions of the tool.

Additionally, you can even go for Chrome VPN for your browser. The VPN extension also protects you from all kinds of threats and cybercriminals on the web.

Below are a few more additional reasons your iPhone needs a VPN:

1. You Often Use Public WiFi

20% of employees want to work remotely for at least a few days in a week, as per McKinsey. Indeed, work has become mobile and people are working from anywhere.

In addition, the modern workforce is using mobiles to work productively. Almost every company now has a mobile app that lets employees work at their convenience.

As a result, many people use their iPhones to perform professional duties. They also work remotely and connect to the internet from cafes, airports, transit hubs, and more.

And that makes you prone to hackers. Fortunately, a VPN can work wonders to secure your iPhone while accessing public WiFi. It makes your data undecipherable to any snooping eyes. Even if someone steals your data, they will not be able to make sense of it.

2. You Want to Access Blocked Sites in Your Country

The internet is supposed to be a free and fair space. Everyone should have the same opportunity to access any information they want.

However, the truth is often quite the opposite.

Can’t get to view your favorite content? There is a simple way to overcome this problem and gain freedom. You can use a VPN on your iPhone to access any website blocked in your country.

Moreover, you can enjoy geo-restricted content and get all the information and entertainment you need.

3. You Want to Avoid Ads and Online Tracking

Search engines, websites, and apps track your iPhone’s online activity. They collect the information to learn about you as a customer and sell or share the data with advertisers.

The process may seem harmless but can make your life irritating. You must have seen how you search for something on Google and then similar ads follow you around the web.

 Black man in white t-shirt sitting on a couch making a video call

4. You Travel Around a Lot

We talked about how a VPN lets you access content blocked by countries. However, a completely opposite picture can happen when you move out of your location.

All internet connections have an IP address, including your iPhone. This IP address is uniquely tied to the address or country you reside in. That changes when you travel.

Thankfully, a VPN is able to overcome these challenges. You can choose your location as your country when you are across the border. It will change your browsing location to your country and give you access to content currently blocked where you are.

5. You are Concerned about Your Online Privacy

Privacy is vital and the right of every internet user. However, there are several cases where privacy has been breached, leading to the exposure of private data.

Such incidents are growing over the years and took a serious turn since COVID-19. In 2020, there were more than 1,000 cases of data breaches in the US.

In addition, the breaches impacted over 155.8 million people.

iPhone is secure, but various factors can compromise your privacy. For example, your IP address may be visible to your internet provider, government, and even websites you visit.

Moreover, an IT expert can find out your precise location and identity by tracking your IP address.

A VPN, however, hides your IP address. It makes you anonymous on the web and no one can know who you really are.

6. You Use a Lot of Apps and Services

Mobile apps have become a part of our lives. We use them to order food, send documents, book tickets, and more. The Apple App Store ensures the apps you download are safe but not anything more.

It’s not that apps on your iPhone are inferior, but they have a few vulnerabilities. For example, badly configured apps may leave the room open for cybercriminals to exploit the loopholes.

Additionally, apps communicate with servers, cloud architectures, databases, and more. If the developers don’t do a proper job, vulnerabilities can take a toll on security.

An antivirus can protect your internet data but not your app traffic. However, a VPN may be all you need to encrypt the data exchanged between apps, servers, and your iPhone. It also safeguards attacks that may come by taking advantage of third-party services.

Final Thoughts

A VPN helps you protect your iPhone from a range of threats and cyber-attacks. You can safeguard your data and keep hackers away for complete peace of mind. A VPN also conceals your IP address and makes you anonymous on the web. Moreover, you can prevent tracking by advertisers and third parties for marketing purposes. Additionally, no one can understand what your data means even in case of breaches. So, it is always advisable to use a paid or free VPN for iPhone.