A lot of businesses are caught in a dilemma of who to use when they want to design or re-design their business web page. The choice becomes very hard to make whether to use a freelancer or use an agency for the design.

For a lot of companies and businesses, a website project is a big undertaking that takes a lot of time and money to complete. Before making this crucial choice, think about the advantages and disadvantages of working with a freelancer versus an agency.

To help you with this tough decision-making, We will be talking about the PROS and CONS of using a freelancer or an agency. Please note that regardless of the choice you make, you can find qualified web design near me here on nearindex. The platform houses both freelance web designers as well as web design agencies – all with ratings and reviews from past users.

The following are the advantages of using a freelancer.

When launching a new web design project, an experienced freelancer can help bridge gaps in your company’s employees, workload, or expertise. Hiring a freelancer to do your job has various advantages.

Affordable rates

It is much cheaper to hire a freelancer than to work with an agency. Many independent freelancers charge a set fee for each project, making it simpler for businesses to hire them. The nature and length of the task are typically determinants of cost.

A freelancer is less expensive to hire for a startup company with limited resources. If you have already created a website template, you can email it to the freelancer and even negotiate a lower price. This greatly facilitates the freelancer’s job.

A designer will utilize Photoshop or Illustrator to create the design for a bespoke website, which can extend the project’s timeline and cost.

Normally, when working with a web firm, you’ll spend money on a custom-designed site, but for a new company, it may be more affordable to start with a simple website based on a template.


Freelancers have control over their schedules as well as their pricing. The project’s timeframe may benefit from this. If you work with a person, they may be able to devote their full attention to your job, whereas an agency would be juggling numerous projects with various deadlines.

You can encounter a more hands-on approach with a freelancer, depending on the agency or freelancer. They might take a much more intimate approach because they are your only point of contact on the project.

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Disadvantages of using a freelancer

Yes, it is easier and cheaper to hire a freelancer for a job, but they also have issues when hiring too. The following are the issues you might face when you employ a freelancer.

Limited expertise

Finding a freelancer with complete web development knowledge is challenging. You may need to recruit many freelancers for the project because one freelancer cannot provide all the necessary abilities.

For instance, you would need to engage three people if your project required the services of a copywriter, a web designer, and a graphic designer. It can be challenging to manage them all at once if they are located in various time zones.

This is why an agency will preferably have all these skill sets working under the agency.

It takes time to finish the project.

The processing time is longer because a lone freelancer manages multiple clients and tasks at once. If you need a website up and running quickly, they are not a good fit.

Ask freelancers how soon they can begin and how long it typically takes to construct a website. If they are sincere, they will immediately let you know when they are available.

The Benefits of Collaborating with an Agency

Due to its numerous benefits over a freelancer, a web design firm may be the best option for your business’s project. Web design firms are suitable for projects requiring diverse talents, such as strategy, marketing, development, and testing.

A Unique Experience

An agency has the specialized experience that sets them apart from freelancers. In an agency, you can obtain all of the necessary talents for your web design work. They offer a strong staff of experts for your web design needs.

An agency provides you with a reliable and experienced staff to work with – a bunch of designers with extensive experience in their respective fields. As you can imagine, an agency would ensure that a number of criteria are met before hiring its personnel.

Support and credibility

Another advantage of choosing a web design agency is that they provide you with tremendous credibility because they have an image to preserve.

Before working with an agency, you might look for internet reviews, awards, and other information that you would not acquire if you hired a freelancer.

Following the launch of the website, it is usual for a freelancer to be preoccupied with new projects, ongoing support, and minor fixes that may be pushed to the back of the queue.

In contrast, an agency frequently has the resources and a larger team to address future requests promptly.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with a web design agency:

Higher Cost

If you are a new business with a limited budget, an agency may not be the best for you. Web design agencies are pricey since they provide you with complete knowledge on the job. When working with an agency, you will frequently invest in a custom design, in which the web designer will construct something new that is unique to your identity and organization.

There are numerous benefits to using a custom design, and it can help to distinguish your company online.

Offering excessively 

Sometimes agencies offer too many services to be good at all of them. While they may be excellent at site design, they may not be as skilled in SEO (search engine optimization) or copywriting, but they believe they must offer everything to compete.

Collaboration is more difficult

Because you may never meet the people working on your website, you may not be able to get your point across when discussing design preferences and desires for your website.