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The 5 Key Elements of a Beautiful Restaurant Interior Design

The 5 Key Elements of a Beautiful Restaurant Interior Design

The best restaurants not only offer exceptional dishes and a wide array of choices on the menu, but they also feature a stunning interior design. Not only should the décor complement your restaurant’s image, but it must support the customer experience and encourage customers to book a table routinely (image above Willmott’s Ghost / Heliotrope Architects – © Kevin Scott, Aaron Leitz).

If you want to provide your customers with a great first impression when they step inside your establishment, learn more about the five key elements of a beautiful restaurant interior design.


Every restaurateur must ensure their establishment stands apart for all the right reasons from their local rivals. Rather than mimicking other popular establishments, you must aim to differentiate your venue to gain people’s attention and encourage interest. It is, therefore, worthwhile working with a talented interior designer, who can help to bring your unique vision for a restaurant to life.

 The 5 Key Elements of a Beautiful Restaurant Interior Design


While every restaurant should have a unique concept, it should not come at the cost of your customers’ comfort. For example, your guests should have enough freedom to move, which can prevent them from feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Plus, you will need to provide plenty of room for your staff to navigate around the various tables with ease, which can avoid unwanted accidents.

High-Quality Furniture

Your customers will want to walk back out the door if you offer worn, flimsy or uncomfortable chairs and tables. To encourage them to take a seat and stay for dessert and extra drinks, provide your customers with comfortable seating and adequately-sized, sturdy tables. Don’t forget to include bar stools for customers looking for a quick drink or bite to eat. To create an inviting restaurant, take a look at these stunning vintage chairs online. (image above Omar’s Place / Sella Concept – © Nicholas Worle)

 The 5 Key Elements of a Beautiful Restaurant Interior Design

The Perfect Balance of Natural and Artificial Lighting

A dark, dull interior can drain the atmosphere out of your restaurant. To inject some life into your establishment, you must aim to strike a balance between natural and artificial lighting. For example, aim to welcome as much natural sunlight into the space as possible, which will allow people to read a menu with ease.

You also should use artificial lighting fixtures to create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. For example, install golden or yellow light bulbs to add warmth into the space, and light candles on every table to emit a soft glow (images above Masa / Studio Cadena – © Ambiente Familiar).

The Right Color Palette

Before you start picking paint colors, wallpaper and decorative accessories, think carefully about your interior color palette. It might surprise you to learn that the colors you select can evoke a feeling in a customer, so you must choose wisely.

For example, many fast food restaurants reportedly use red and yellow hues in their branding and interior design to stimulate people’s appetites. It is essential to consider the feeling you want to create when a customer steps inside your restaurant. For example, if you want people to feel relaxed and calm, blue can be an ideal color choice.