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The Body Seating by Kirsi Enkovaara


Finnish designer Kirsi Enkovaara designed this flexible seating structure that encourages people to reevaluate how they sit. The structure of ‘The Body’ is made from canvas and rice allowing it to be formed into reconfigurable rigid structures.

The structure is made from a single 6 meters long rice filled piece of fabric. The nature of the structure combined with the behavior of the rice makes it possible to bend into various different configurations and forms. “I find the beauty of this product being when the simple form turns into various complicated configurations as a result of human interaction” explains Kirsi. It is the friction created by the rice combined with the fabric that enables the structure to become extremely rigid when bent but at the same time embody the comforting features of a cushion.

Rice is a renewable and very accessible material. As in Japan thru history it has been used in pillows offering a more ecological and ergonomic option to foam.

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