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The Offline Chair Blocks Wi-Fi And Mobile Signals

Adam Markowski

Today we spend more and more time looking at screens of our smartphones. We pull out our smartphones unconsciously whenever we have a free moment, which prevents us from focusing on one thing, and simply from relaxing. Studies show that an average user unlocks the phone 110 times per day, and record-breakers even 900! Offline Chair by Agata Nowak was designed to change these customs.


The Offline Chair provides a space where the user can really relax. The primary function of the chair is associated with its special offline pocket that blocks off mobile and Wi-Fi signals. This allows the user to get a moment of quietness without constantly hearing the sound of a ringing phone.


The chair is upholstered with soft covering fabric that provides a cozy, intimate, comfy and silent space around the user. It makes you feel safe and isolates you from the surrounding environment.

With a variety of finishing and dimension options to be selected, the chair may be a perfect solution for crowded office areas to help people to concentrate, or may be used at home to create a relaxation zone.

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all images © Adam Markowski