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The Serras Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

The Serras

Behind a restored 19th century façade on Barcelona’s celebrated Passeig de Colom, history, art and top tech gadgets marry at The Serras. The 29-room hotel was once home to Pablo Picasso’s first studio where he painted Ciencia y Caridad in 1897. A top Catalan chef, a stylish rooftop terrace and oversized rooms with tiling that echoes classic Barcelonès style, round out an impeccable Mediterranean getaway. Though a bustling world lies just outside its front door, inside a soothing color palette paints a portrait of calm.

Designer Eva Martinez gives hydraulic tiles, used as flooring in Barcelona homes during the “modernista” period, new life at The Serras. Here, they resurface as headboards, with each floor displaying a tile unique to a specific city neighborhood. The rooms are divided from the bathrooms with glass and iron curtain walls in keeping with the old industrial style of the area.

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all images courtesy of The Serras