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The Sketch collection by Studio Beam

Studio Beam‘s Sketch collection comprises the yearning for de-clutter from modern noise, pollution and attention deficit disorder into a divine purified experience of pure structural contour. The collection items are a delicate design of luscious curved wires into elegant see through pendants and wall lamps. All collection items are handmade, silver soldered and powder coat paint finished, available in a 5 color selection: Green, Red, Blue, Black and White. For an added “zing” you can order electric cord in different color then pendant, adding a sassy seductive look.

 2-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam 3-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam 4-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam 5-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam 6-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam 7-the-sketch-collection-by-studio-beam

all images courtesy of STUDIO BEAM