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The Tiny City Stationary Series by Tripleliving

Taiwan-based design studio Tripleliving has developed a “Tiny City” stationary set using soft concrete and wood. “Sometimes people may forget there are some short pencils waiting for us in the penholder. Thus, the project separates spaces for different items, each of them can have a right space to stay,” explain designers.

“The Tiny City Series creates a conflict but harmonious experience. We apply architecture image into stationery, moving the view outside your window to your table. It combines concrete texture with soft touch. It looks unbalanced in look and material but creates harmonious scenery.“ says the taiwanese studio.

The series includes the following items: Pencil Holder, Pencil Sharpener, Cap Of Pen, Name Card Holder, Card Holder, Coin Purse, and Lamp.

 2-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 3-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 4-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 5-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 6-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 7-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 8-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving 9-the-tiny-city-stationary-series-by-tripleliving

all images courtesy of TRIPLELIVING | H/t designboom