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Tips for Throwing a Memorable Housewarming Party

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Moving into a new home is an accomplishment worth celebrating, so why not do so in style? Throwing a housewarming party is the best way to show off the house to loved ones once the unpacking, furnishing and decorating is done. 

Here’s how to plan a housewarming party people will never forget.

1. Set up the Home

Before even thinking of hosting a housewarming party, the happy new homeowners need to settle in. Guests won’t be able to enjoy themselves if boxes are stacked in every corner. A fully unpacked home will be better able to show off all the furniture and decor to everyone who walks through the door.

Typically, a housewarming party should be held no later than a year after moving into a new home. It should be shown off after homeowners have gotten adjusted to it — and a house isn’t exactly new anymore after someone’s lived in it for over 12 months. Make an effort to set up the home before the year has passed.

2. Send Invitations

This is another step that may seem obvious, but it can set the tone for the whole shindig. People should not forget to send out invitations for a housewarming party. They can be as formal or casual as the theme calls for.

Some housewarming parties may just warrant a text or an invite on social media, while others may require a handwritten or professionally printed note. A card personally inviting people to the party is an excellent way for everyone to feel included.

3. Pick a Theme and Stick to It

Do you know what theme you’re planning for the party? The theme doesn’t have to be over the top, and people don’t need to decorate their home for a housewarming party — the focus should be on the house itself. Still, some guidance can help guests know what to expect and it can help the party hosts plan the details.

Planning for a lovely party on a warm summer night? A popular backyard theme showing off elaborate landscaping or the surrounding area may be ideal. If so, people may want to inform guests so they can dress for the weather. 

Some homeowners might choose to host a brunch, which would be great if they have local guests who may only want to stop in for part of the day. Brunch food can be as simple as waffles and bacon or as fancy as quiches and hors d’oeuvres, making it perfect for wide appeal.

Picking a theme can also help you find the right decorations for your party to make it more colorful and warmer. There are numerous decors and accessories for such occasions, the market is really huge. When you are planning to host it outdoors, though,  the choice is greater. You are free to place even inflatables customized to any design that will make an impression on everyone. The inflatable can be of any shape and size you want; maybe you want it to be a mini version of your house, or maybe another design. These bouncies are perfect especially when kids are involved in the party.

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4. Build a Menu

Everyone knows that the main appeal of a party is the food. So what will you plan for your party?

The menu should be crafted around the time of day, theme and guests. Homeowners should also think about what they can feasibly afford. While they may be able to make a sit-down dinner for a few guests, it might be more challenging to feed a huge crowd unless they plan on ordering pizzas.

You can also think through how much prep work you want to do. Homemade appetizers may be fun for a home chef, but catering options can take some of the weight off. Many housewarming parties thrive with the classic family potluck — just make sure you provide the mains and coordinate sides, drinks and desserts with guests. To add a unique and delightful touch to your dessert offerings, consider using custom molds for chocolate. These molds allow you to create personalized and themed chocolates that align with the celebratory spirit, making them a perfect addition to your dessert table and a memorable treat for your guests.

5. Arrange the Furniture Well

Homeowners may need to move furniture around to accommodate the number of people they plan to have in their homes. They may even have to break out a few folding chairs to ensure everyone has a place to sit while being entertained. 

People that have to temporarily rearrange the furniture in their living rooms should plan it around the conversations that may happen. People shouldn’t have to strain their necks to talk to one another or section themselves off into tiny discussion groups. A well-planned living room means everyone feels involved in the discussion. 

6. Plan a Few Games

Look into party games and find something that fits the event. People may opt to do musical chairs to show how expansive their living room is. If they have lots of storage solutions and adventurous guests, they could showcase how spacious the house is with a thrilling game of hide and seek.

People that aren’t up to hosting a game can break out one of the board games that has felt lonely since the move. They can gather everyone in the dining room to play at the table, or they could play a game of cards on the couch in the living room. Whatever happens, family and friends are sure to have fond memories of doing something fun for the first time in the new home.

7. Thank Everyone

Not everyone will bring a gift to the housewarming party. Some people might give a plant, a bottle of wine or something that can be used in the kitchen, but hosts shouldn’t expect — or necessarily want, if you’re hoping for a minimalist home — extravagant presents. 

Still, even if the invitation cards stress “no gifts,” it’s a tradition that’s hard to shake. Homeowners should be sure to jot down gifts and thank anyone who offered them anything, no matter how small or large it was.

Many people love to receive kind letters in the mail. Handwritten thank-you notes are pretty rare and carry the weight needed to communicate gratitude, so sending one should make a difference to someone who came out of their way to see the home. 

Enjoy the New Home With Loved Ones

Whether someone moved down the street or across the country, their loved ones will surely want to see the new home. Distance may influence who can visit, but it doesn’t measure how excited people are for the new homeowner. 

Remember that whatever party is thrown will be perfect because it was designed in a place filled with love.

Author: Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her work focuses on interior and architectural design and has been published by Build Magazine, the National Association of REALTORS and other online publications.