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Tips to Paint your House Properly and Quickly 

Tips to Paint your House Properly and Quickly 

Painting your house gives it a completely new and improved look. With the variety of colors and designs out there, you are bound to find something that piques your interest. Painting the house gives a second chance to redecorate and reorganize your home the way you want. These Windham NH house painters have great ratings and are here to help if you find it too big of a project to do it yourself.

Painting does sound fun, but it takes work too. There are lots of things to keep in check and what professionals like Stamford inti painting they can help. The quality of the paint, quantity, design, cost, and color need to be determined before you start the painting process because a lot of work is going to be put in if you want to paint your whole house. But before painting the house, first comes:

The Prep-Work 

1. A Proper Plan

Like every other work, you need to plan out painting too. Decide first if you wish to paint both the inside and the outside and if you want to paint different rooms with different textures. You may do your own research or seek out advice and reviews online to have an idea on which paint brand and color suits every part of your house best. As an example, when planning on choosing quality paint for the ceiling you can visit an online review site like https://occupythefarm.org/best-ceiling-paint/ for more details. And most importantly, decide whether you want to do the job by yourself or if it would be better off with professionals handling it. Also, look out for the weather. It is best to start in a dry time when it is less likely to rain and has lower humidity.

2. Allocation of Supplies and Equipment

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether you want to paint the house yourself or hire people to do it, it is best to know what equipment and supplies are being used. If you decide to do it yourself, you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment like an angular paintbrush, roller handle, roller pole, paint scraper, roller handle, stools, and ladders. Another important choice is if you would want to use a paint sprayer. 

They are pretty easy and fun to use, but there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the right paint sprayer. According to LaserLevelHub.net , the best paint sprayers are really easy to use, control, and have multiple functions, which makes painting a whole lot easier.

3. Removing Furniture

You don’t have to remove all of the furniture in order to paint a room. Take out the small ones and use plastic sheets or clothes to cover the rest of the furniture. It would be best if all the furniture could be removed, but it is not completely necessary. If you do want to move that heavy furniture, sliding them is better than lifting. The best way to move heavy objects is to put something under them like an unused blanked or sack can do the job. By putting the cloth under it, you minimize the damage on both the floor and the furniture. And while moving furniture, it is always best to ask for help.

4. Covering Floor

Canvas drop cloths are best if you want to cover your carpet flooring. These cloths are very thick and can protect your carpet from a massive paint spill. In the case of hardwood, tiles, or any other hard surface, rosin paper is the best material to use. It is also easy to walk on since it is not slippery. You can also use a plastic drop cloth to cover the floor, but keep in mind that they are slick, so it is best to only use it to cover furniture. Nicely tape down the covering with broad pieces of masking tape, and don’t forget to cover the electric sockets as well.

 Tips to Paint your House Properly and Quickly 

Painting in six steps

That’s all the prep work you will need. Now, on to the real thing.

Step 1. Remove old paint

If the house is not already painted, then there is no need for this. But if it is painted, then it needs to be removed for the new paint to adhere perfectly. You can use wire brushes and paint scrapers to knock loose paint and then use sandpaper to smoothen the surfaces out. You don’t spend your whole day scraping paint. Sometimes, it is best to leave some edges and let the paint layer handle it.

Step 2. Repair damages

Since you are going to make the place look new, after scraping, take a good look around your house and note down the damages. There could be split shingles, popped nails, rust, or damaged surfaces. Use sandpaper to smoothen walls; for scratches and pinholes, you can apply joint compounds on dents and small holes. You will also have to remove rotten wood and siding materials since the paint will not stick to it.

Step 3. Apply primer efficiently

Primer helps the paint adhere faster and works as a good base for the paint, but don’t go using primer around the whole house, use it efficiently by only covering unpainted or unprimed areas. First, apply a coat of primer, then sand, and then finally apply color coats.

Step 4. Boxing the paint

This is something done by the pros. Boxing the paint means putting all the cans of the same color in one large container. This helps you with color consistency and makes it easier for you to paint large surfaces easily without worrying about the mismatch of the color shades. This is mostly done for the exterior or for walls.

Step 5. Simultaneous use of paint spray and roller

Paint sprayers should be used on large surfaces to get things done quickly. Paint spray covers large areas pretty fast and is also easy to use. A more effective technique is first to use the paint sprayer and then use the roller to spread the paint even more. It is a fast process to cover more surface areas. Then, use brushes for smaller areas.

Step 6. Started from the Top and Now we’re here

The rule of thumb while painting houses is to start from the top and make your way to the bottom. And from left to right. This helps you cover paint drips and also allows you to focus on any spot that you might have missed.

Painting the house can take a while, but making a routine and sticking to it can save a lot of time. Remember to keep your equipment organized and cover the whole place adequately, so it does not get messy. Please choose the best color and design for your house and get started, but most importantly, stay safe, and have fun doing it.