A good microclimate at home and at work is very important, because it allows you to feel cheerful and energetic. In addition, the correct temperature balance and normal humidity in the room have a beneficial effect on health.

If the climate conditions in the room are not very dry, for example, it may affect your mood, health and General condition. For example, an incorrectly installed, inefficient, unclean or old air conditioner may be the main cause of dry air, which leads to problems with the skin and mucous membranes. However, there is a solution. You can buy air conditioner filters here.

AC effect on skin

All type of conditioners has long been an integral part of modern comfortable housing and a decent office. They are indispensable in the summer heat, when the temperature goes over 30°C degrees. Doctors have long decided on the attitude to this climate equipment: it is better with it than without it. After all, the normalization of the microclimate in the room helps to improve well-being and remove the additional load on the heart, which inevitably occurs at high temperatures.

By the way, the optimal temperature in offices to maintain the best performance is 20°C, in such a cool environment we experience the greatest comfort.

And yet air conditioners have a downside:

  • First, if the difference between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature is more than 10°C or the fresher is installed incorrectly, you can easily get sick, or if the filters are not cleaned in a timely manner, there is a risk of diseases for asthmatics and people prone to allergies.
  • Secondly, the conditioner, as well as the computer, TV, refrigerator, is a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. The minimum distance between it and the person must be at least 1.5 m. However, this problem is solved by hanging the device high from the ceiling.
  • Third, there is a “cosmetic flaw” in the air fresher. It is not friendly with female beauty-it dries the surface, and the face and hands suffer the most. This is due to the fact that the air conditioner reduces the relative humidity in the room, this is the principle of its operation, based on the laws of physics. Humidity in the house can be increased, but this will require separate work.

The very first fresher, assembled by American Willis Carrier in 1902, was intended for use in a Brooklyn printing house. The purpose of its installation was not to take care of the well-being of printing workers, but to reduce the humidity in the room, because it affected the quality of printing. More than a hundred years have passed since then, and many things have changed.

Japanese super-models of fresher appeared, with plasma and zeolite filters, flow distribution, and ionization system. But even the most advanced climate devices still reduce indoor humidity and thus dehydrate the body.

In addition, when leaving a conditioned room on a hot street, the skin gets instant stress and additionally loses moisture. It is responsible not only for the unpleasant feeling of constant tightness of the surface, but also for the appearance of early wrinkles.

 Air Conditioner And Its Effect On Skin

Skin care tips which help to protect your beauty

To mitigate the negative effects, it is important to develop a plan of action against dry skin. The following tips may be useful to you in life:

When going to work, be sure to bring a spray bottle with thermal water. It will help to make up for water loss and improve tone.

Summer offers great opportunities to prepare moisturizing masks at home from the nutritious mush of fruits and vegetables. All summer long, cucumbers will be good helpers in the fight against dry surface, because they contain more than 90% water. The over — ripe ones will also be used-they have even more juice in them. For the” salad ” of cucumber mush, seasoned with fat sour cream, dry skin will be grateful to you. Don’t miss the raspberry season — it has a special gift for keeping moisture in the skin of the face and hands. Do not forget about caring for your hands-pamper them with masks, including honey.

Creams with vitamin E, B5, avocado or almond oil, glycerin, and marine ingredients help to keep the moist.

It is advisable to hang the fresher in the room away from people.

No wonder they say when they want to emphasize the beauty of a girl-drink water from her face at least. Drinking up to two liters of clean water a day is an indispensable law of beauty and health.

  • In the morning in the office, first open the window and ventilate the room for at least 15-20 minutes, and then turn on the device. Do not force it to work in vain, flexibly adjust to weather conditions.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions in the office where you work, when was the last time you washed the filter elements of conditioner or changed the filters that need to be replaced periodically. Specify whether such work is included in the contract for the operation of such equipment.
  • A green oasis of properly selected indoor plants will increase the humidity in the room or office. The larger the area of their leaves, the better.
  • When choosing a conditioner for your home, pay special attention to whether it has supply ventilation, that is, whether it will provide fresh air from the street. These models are more expensive, but the microclimate in the apartment will be much better.
  • Humidifiers will help to neutralize the negative impact of conditioners on the air to some extent. They are worth a closer look.

There is a special term for a favorable ratio of humidity and temperature — “effective temperature”. Effective temperature in your home and successful actions against dry effect.