Arcade games and pool tables might be favored in bars, but no matter your age, after a long day, you want to have fun. If the space in your home allows it, creating your own game room would be a game-changer. 

For starters, having an entire basement dedicated to building your creative game room is not necessary. Even an unused space outdoors or in the garage can become a gaming area with ease. If you enjoy family movie nights, you can get a portable projector, some speakers, and change your backyard or living room into a legendary home cinema.

What we’re trying to point out is that no matter what games you and your family enjoy, having an area of any size designated for entertainment, with some creativity and time effort, you can transform your home into the ultimate fun zone!

So, if you’re for new ideas for entertainment at home or want to know how others are enjoying their favorite games, you will surely enjoy the following 12 designer-approved decorating tips for game rooms:  

1. Have a Cocktail Bar 

If you have a game room, you will surely want to invite your friends over to have fun together. To make sure that you’ll be remembered as the most excellent host in the neighborhood, adding some stools, a coffee table, and hanging a small shelf along the wall is a must! Everyone will have a place to relax and have a drink after a game of pool. You can also use it as a setting for a board game.

2. Avoid using a theme

From a décor point of view, game rooms are often given a second thought. Designers recommend homeowners to use their empty spaces as they would when decorating a common area of their home. In a nutshell, the recreation room’s design should fit the rest of the house and not stand out. 

While many think that game rooms must have a theme, unless you’re an avid fan of a specific game, you should avoid it at all costs. Instead, look for a broader design, like neutral or masculine. Your home should never become a theme party. Instead, try keeping it chic and comfortable!

3. Invest in a High-Quality Pool Table

Pool tables are pricey, but they will elevate the room, even if it’s situated in a basement. You could even call it your “billiard room.” Nonetheless, adding a pool table is a significant improvement, and you will indeed spend some quality time playing billiard. 

 12 Design Tips for the Ultimate Game Room

4. Look for Multi-Functional Furniture

If you’re planning to use your space efficiently, invest in multi-purpose furniture pieces that will add versatility to your room. For instance, a designer called Chernault James created a dining table that can be instantly turned into a ping pong table. This way, you will be able to use the dining room as a recreational space with ease.

5. Combine it with a Study Room

Having a study room is a great way to focus on doing your work. But what if you combine studying with fun and add elements like a pool or foosball table near your bookshelf, and take a quick break from studying now and then.  

With some cozy seating and books that you enjoy, you will indeed have an excellent spot for meditation and studying, that can later be used for entertainment activities and why not, a fun night with your friends.

6. Go for a Ping Pong Table 

Table tennis is a great sport that can be played literally anywhere. Whether you want to keep the table in the house or outside, the most significant advantage of this form of entertainment is that it’s more affordable than the pool table, and it can move around easier. Furthermore, an existing table can be transformed into a ping pong table using a conversion top. Not to mention that it can be handy during a beer pong championship! 

 12 Design Tips for the Ultimate Game Room

7. Gym Equipment is More Than Welcome

Being active is essential for a balanced lifestyle, so why not add a mirror and some gym equipment in your recreational room? Some people even go to the extent of adding a treadmill or hanging a punching bag from the wall. 

The opportunities are endless, and the benefits are tremendous. Even if you’re not a gym enthusiast, it’s still worth decorating your home with various workout equipment that can help you improve.

8. Have a Card Corner

If you’re organizing poker nights with your friends, having a dedicated card corner is crucial. Instead of huddling around the dining room table, you should buy a separate table and chairs dedicated to enjoying card games or even chess!

Of course, with technological advances, many people are opting for online games on Casinobonusca. This way, gamers can interact with each other directly from their mobile or desktop devices and spend some quality time even without meeting. In these challenging time, it’s important to have a way to communicate and enjoy our favorite casino games.

9. Cater the Room to Your Hobbies

When it comes to leisure activities, we’re all different. Therefore, while some of our readers might enjoy table tennis, others might like playing pool more, so you should always choose the form of entertainment that you want most. Dedicate your free space to something you really love, and you are likely to spend even more time in your game room.

10. Make it Comfy

One of the essential aspects of a recreational room is being comfortable. Since you dedicate an area of your house for fun activities, you should feel good while spending time in it. Therefore, having high-quality furniture that makes you feel comfy and relaxed is mandatory.

 12 Design Tips for the Ultimate Game Room

11. Add Cool Lightning

With some LED lights, you can instantly improve your game room’s aesthetic. Having a gorgeous lighting system might not be mandatory, but it is a tasteful addition to your design. Make sure you opt for customizable ones, so you can easily change them according to the game night’s theme.

12. Add a mini-fridge and snack corner

Having fun sure consumes energy! Invest in a mini-fridge to make sure that everyone has cold beverages near at all time. On top of that, creating a small area where you keep some snacks like chips, sandwiches, or sweets for your guest is more than welcome!

Final Thoughts

When you’re designing your game room, it’s essential to have fun and put the soul in it! Nothing is more important than feeling good about your decision and investing time thinking about how everything should fall in place. Good luck with your décor!