The beautiful city of El Paso, situated in Texas, is known for its tight-knit and cordial community, significantly rooted in the Hispanic culture. The city is home to several cultural events, making it unfathomably impossible for any resident or visitor to miss entertainment or attraction. Notably, because the city’s community is anchored on diversity and numerous support systems, they always find a way to make up for what is missing. Thus making it one of the best places to visit in Texas, both for fun and rejuvenation. Unraveled in the unfolding paragraphs is a tetrad of attraction sites that outdoor lovers can explore in El Paso. 

Hueco Tanks State Park

Hueco is a Spanish word, meaning hollow. The name refers to the several circular depressions, together with deep natural cisterns, that detail the four giant rocks mushrooming above the desert’s ground in the park. Considered a natural oasis, the attraction site has a rich history that means multiple things to multiple people. Having hosted several native communities approximately 900 years ago, the four massive hills of muddled up boulders is today a special location for numerous Native Americans who realize a spiritual connection there. By visiting the site, you will get to unearth and experience the history of how the native people expressed their celebration of the natural gift of special water tanks in the Chihuahuan desert using special inscriptions and symbols.

 The Top 4 El Paso, TX Attractions to Visit Outdoors

McKelligon Canyon

If you are searching for a hiking place where you can escape the busy and overwhelming city environment, then McKelligon Canyon is definitely a place you will enjoy. Hence, you should not miss the Bust Tourist’s list on what to do in El Paso. Despite being famous for its magnificent amphitheater, the area is ideal for engaging in various outdoor activities, including mountain biking, rock climbing, running, and hiking. The area is popular with soldiers, who frequently flock there for fitness training. Thus setting the right mood for anyone up for experiencing the most challenging hiking or exercise activities. 

 The Top 4 El Paso, TX Attractions to Visit Outdoors

Franklin Mountains State Park

The park is famed for being the largest urban park in the United States and offers several hiking opportunities in its four separate units. It is massive and detailed with many trails to explore. Hence it can be barely exhausted in a day. If you do not prefer the intense, challenging experience of scrambling on the rocks, you can opt for the Wyler Aerial Tramway and get carried up the Ranger Peak from where you can enjoy a scenic view of El Paso, Juarez, and New Mexico.

 The Top 4 El Paso, TX Attractions to Visit Outdoors

Red Sands

If you are an off-roader and own an ATV, a jeep, or a quad bike, or would like to rent one and enjoy riding over desert dunes, Red Sands is the place to be. The area is a little different every time someone visits because there are no official trails for exploring. The trails are constantly changing due to the hard winds characterizing the area, but you will discover paths taken by most riders. Since it is a place where you could be tempted to spend lots of hours, do not forget to carry enough snacks and drinks. Be sure to check the weather and take essential tools to off-road when adventuring. 

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