Fun party games are the best way to spend your Christmas period. Don’t just settle for chatting and watching a bit of telly, get yourself up and organized and make some memories. If you are lacking inspiration, never worry, we are here to provide the inspiration you need for the fun Christmas party games to play.

Reindeer Hoopla

Remember when you were a kid and you had the hoopla game. You had a board with hooks on and you stood a distance away and attempted to throw the hoop so it landed on the hook. Well, take this game and instead of the board, get some of those reindeer antlers  – the ones you wear as a headband. You might also want to use hoops made of pipecleaners rather than plastic, as that might hurt.

A person is volunteered to sit with the reindeer headband and others are given the chance to throw the hoops. While you can do this DIY, as we are suggesting here, you can also buy an inflatable version on the internet.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Rather than sit down and fall asleep after the massive lunch, why not set up a Scavenger Hunt for personal objects around the house. You might have hidden these objects or you could gather a list that has meaning for you, for instance: “Find an object from one of our summer holidays” or “Find something that made us all smile”. You can then award points to the group for those that find an object with the most meaning and get the best reaction.

If all this sounds like you need too much inspiration for words, then you can also buy a deck of cards that list the objects you could go away and find. Remember, it is not the running around that will make the memories, it is the conversation afterward when you explore what people have found.

 Fun Christmas party games to play

Dance and Freeze

Games, where you move around and then are expected to stop still, are a classic from school. Sleeping Lions and Stone Statues – who can forget. What about giving this a festive twist by switching on some Christmas music and dancing around – but when the music stops without warning everyone must Freeze. The last person to stop is out of the game. Obviously stopping the music when someone is doing a grand gesture with a leg

Play this one when the kids go to bed and add in alcohol for hilarious effect!

Oven mitts unwrapping

Tape some oven mitts to the kids’ hands and sit them in front of their presents. Opening the presents becomes as hard as you imagine it is and the results are hysterical. You will laugh – the kids will laugh (for a while at least) and they will slow down and savour the opening of the gift. It is a much better way to open gifts than watching them rip through the paper and move on without giving it a glance.

Christmas Movie Bingo

If you take a look online, you can find Bingo cards that can be used when watching your favourite Christmas movies. When a line is said, mark it off and carry on watching. The first person to fill a line or get a house wins a special prize of your choosing. It is a great way to justify a movie marathon on Christmas afternoon. Oh, and don’t forget the caramel covered popcorn.

Snowman Bowling

There are two parts to this game. Part one, make your snowmen out of containers and stick on some funny eyes and fluffy balls and the like. In short, you are going to build your snowmen skittles out of your Tupperware and some sticky on craft items. Part two, using paper balls, you should attempt to knock over the snowmen – using some of the old holiday wrapping paper would be excellent recycling.

 Fun Christmas party games to play

Build a Gingerbread House Competition

Some Christmas baking might feel like a stretch after the marathon of the lunch – so you might want to save this one for Boxing Day or that twilight zone between Christmas and New Year when no one knows the day anymore. Set about baking some gingerbread and then working in teams to construct the most amazing house ever! Obviously, you will need an independent judge to decide which house is best and who deserves the prize. We strongly advise time off from dishwasher duty for the victor!

So, there you have it! A series of awesome activities that take no money and only a little bit of imagination to enhance the family fun. These games are all about making memories rather than getting stuff or feeling productive. Just let go and see how it feels to have some genuine, innocent fun with the kids.