There is a sense of excitement and luxury when you walk into a casino. The promise of a big win under glittering lights, with free drinks whilst you play all night at tables with other high-rollers or in close contact with friends you have not made yet.  All this is done deliberately, and casinos have been using the same knowledge of human psychology to design their websites to keep players engaged and continuing to spend money. 

With online games, including online blackjack you have the perfect opportunity to practice the game and perfect your strategy to improve the possibility of a big win.  You can find more information here about which sites are the best at keeping your personal information safe and your finances secure whilst offering a great play experience.  These are licensed, reputable sites that play fair and let you withdraw your winnings quickly and easily. 

Highlighted promotions

Brick-and-mortar casinos have no clocks in view which helps visitors lose all sense of time and stay longer than they may have originally planned.  Add in free refreshments including alcohol and it is clear how they keep players engaged. These rules of engagement are not possible online, but promotions such as a welcome bonus that matches a first deposit or free games with the chance to win real money, are clearly posted on sites to attract new customers. One of the most popular ways to engage players is to offer demonstration games where players can test strategy before risking their own money. 

Progressive jackpots

Most people who join online casinos hope to win big. Casino websites will highlight jackpot wins, with some offering sound and colour displays at every win as a way of showing how often there is a winner on the site, which helps players believe they could be next in line. 

Mobile gambling

All reputable online casinos should already be offering mobile gambling, which is enabling people to play games wherever they are, whether on a break at work or from the comfort of their own home. Whether using a PC, smartphone or tablet, almost all modern online casinos have designed their websites to support mobile devices, including consoles so players can enjoy the casino experience any time.

 How Casinos Design their Websites to Keep Players Engaged

Augmented Reality

Online casinos are already offering live dealers, but Augmented Reality (AR) allows players to visualise the entire online casino the same as if they were in a traditional casino. Technology will likely advance to the extent that AR can incorporate virtual sounds and also microphones that allow players to use audio commands, though this may take a while to come into play as players may not wish to invest in expensive headsets.  

Sound and colour

Meanwhile, online casino design offer slots with celebratory sounds to mark wins of all sizes, offering positive reinforcement to players to continue for their “right” to “earn” the next win. Flashing lights add to the excitement and are also used to create the same sense of a win, even if it actually a loss disguised as a win, known as an LDW within the industry. The use of sound and colour, in online slots in particular, can make players lose track of time and their surroundings, a concept that is found in the design of land-based casinos.