People mostly get news from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or tv news channels. But they still use the newspaper to read the latest and updates about their city. The newspaper’s popularity lies in the fact that every digital marketing spends a huge amount of money on advertisement in newspapers. They could use this money in various forms of digital marketing. The main reason why they choose the newspaper is because of direct reach with the consumer or prospects. Many people across the world read newspapers. Today before going to the office, people read the newspaper print to keep them updated about the city’s happenings.

People often claim print media channels to be dangerous for the environment. Paper is traditionally made from forest tress. Cutting down trees and forests to increase the pollution rate causes the glaciers in Polar Regions to melt. Nowadays, we have developed a new type of paper that can be reused hence further cutting down of trees and forests can be stopped.

Advantages of reading newspapers are as follows

  • Improves our reading skills: – Probably the most common problem that every citizen in the digital era faces is reading ability. They stammer to read the sentences properly or are stuck in some difficult words. They can easily improve their reading skills if they make a habit of reading newspapers daily.
  • Improves vocabulary: – Learning words each day and memorizing them becomes a difficult task these days. However, if we read newspapers each day, we can learn new words to improve our vocabulary.
  • Keep you updated:- Reading newspapers keep you updated about the happenings in your city. It could be an alert if you are residing in an area where many covid 19 cases have appeared. In this way, we can be safe after reading the newspaper and knowing about the hotspot areas.
  • Promote business, product, or services: – Direct marketing is incomplete without a newspaper advertisement. Newspapers allow the pamphlets and discount offer cards that can improve the sales and revenue of the company.

  Why are Printing Newspapers Still Necessary in the Digital Age?

Challenges faced by newspaper industries

  • The increased cost of production: – For producing papers to printing, the final newspaper’s cost increased to the highest limit. These increases each year, but the cost of the newspaper remain the same. By changing the price of newspaper, many people stop purchasing which results in huge loss.
  • No relaxation in transportation costs by the government:- Newspaper industry has always been overlooked by the government. They do not provide any relaxation in taxes, which often results in bad debts and unpaid taxes. This lead to the closure of the newspaper company.

From above we can say that the government should take some notice and provide some benefits or relaxation which works in Print media or the newspaper industry. In this way, there could be less employment loss, and education and awareness can be spread. The newspaper’s power lies in the fact that many fraudsters, politicians, and unscrupulous business people try not to appear on the front page due to defamation of name.