There’s a common perception that it’s the younger generation who have most embraced the possibilities of online dating. Millennials, otherwise known as ‘Generation Y’, generally meaning those born in the 1980s and 1990s who have reached young adulthood in the 21st-century, are certainly the most prolific users of social media. If you stroll into a coffee shop or sit in a train compartment, you’ll expect to see twentysomethings hunched over their smartphone screens. As well as checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, they might well be messaging other users on their favourite dating site. But to what extent has online dating affected how millennials see romance?

How reliant are millennials on the virtual environment?

While there can be no doubt that younger people are enthusiastic about technology, this doesn’t necessarily mean they solely rely on online dating service for arranging their love lives. Evidence shows dating outlets appeal to individuals right across the board, and that in many instances older site users are equally keen on their online interaction. There might be a plethora of websites and apps aimed at impatient youngsters, allowing them to swipe right or left when selecting partners rather than building a relationship over time, but further studies have revealed millennials are less likely to choose ‘no strings attached’ encounters over genuine connections.

 The Effect of Online Dating Millennials Perception of Romance

Why do millennials go online?

Not so long ago, there was a common perception that younger site users, obsessed with screen time for everything from streaming music to watching YouTube clips were more likely to be searching for a partner to chat online. But being IT-savvy does not necessarily equate with a carefree attitude to romance. They are being drawn to using dating outlets, not for their ability to arrange casual encounters, but for the opposite reason. They see the online atmosphere as one where they can take advantage of the degree of choice, and exercise a degree of discernment when browsing through the wide range of prospective talent.

After all, the whole point of apps is to make aspects of our daily lives as seamless as possible, but that’s not necessarily simply making things quicker. The basic requirements of dating resource – introducing singles to compatible individuals – is much better served by providing a lot of succinct information about other site users, enabling objective decisions to be made about who would be a suitable candidate for a relationship. If anything, millennials will be astute when it comes to making the technology work towards providing what’s best for them. This doesn’t mean rushing into a get-together with the first person who catches their eye, and certainly not just because the geolocation software on the dating website or app has flagged up individuals who happens to be nearby. Millennials might be attracted to other site users for all sorts of reasons – physical appearance, their outgoing personality, their hobbies, and interests. In most cases, they will be seeking something more concrete than ‘happens to be three blocks away from where you are right now.’

How is romance looking for millennials in 2021?

Increasing popularity of going online to track down partners has been ideal for those looking for instant liaisons. But it has also cemented the reasons why so many choose to sign up to dating sites. If there is more choice awaiting millennials when they are selecting their ideal dating outlet, this means an increased likelihood of finding meaningful contacts.