Pests like warm weather because their bodies cannot generate warmth by themselves to survive in cold temperatures. Hence, cities with warm weather have more pest infestations. Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is located along the Pearl River. The city has a perfect environment for pest growth – warm weather and plentiful water resources to thrive.

Many areas in Jackson, MS, report a sudden rise of flea infestations every year that causes trouble to both humans and animals. Here are some reasons behind a flea infestation in your home, and learn how professional pest control Jackson MS, can help.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small, flightless insects that survive as parasites on birds and animals. Though they prefer four-legged animals, humans can also suffer from flea infestation. They are tiny insects measuring 2.5 millimeters in length and not easily visible to human eyes. Though they are unable to fly, fleas can jump high due to their long legs. They feast on the blood of mammals and humans. 

Now that you have the necessary information about these annoying pests let’s understand the reasons for flea infestation in your Jackson home. 

Pets Bring Fleas With Them 

Mississippi is listed at the 32nd spot in the list of pet-friendly states in the US. Flea infestations happen when the fleas jump from host animals to animals nearby, and fleas get attached to furniture cushions, carpets, and similar surfaces.

If you take your pet for a walk in areas frequented by stray animals, there is a possibility the fleas jump on your pet’s body and cling hard to their fur and enter your home. 

Rodents and Wildlife Pests

If there are rodents in your neighborhood, the next thing you will notice is a raging flea infestation. A science journal report mentions Mississippi has 22 kinds of rodents like mice, beavers, nutria, muskrat, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, voles, and rats.

Rodents have a valuable role in nature, but they can cause damage to homes and crops. If they invade your backyard, they will not hesitate to gnaw at the wires, wood, insulation, and chew storage bins in search of food. It is more likely they will also bring fleas to your home. 

If you notice a flea infestation in your home, take the right steps to eliminate it and call experts for pest control in Jackson, MS, to make your home safe and healthy again. 

 What Causes a Flea Infestation in Your Jackson Home and How to Eliminate It?

How to Eliminate Flea Infestations?

According to weather experts, Jackson, MS, has warm weather all year around. As per weather reports, the average temp is in the range of 38°F to 92°F. The temperature is rarely below 24°F. This means Mississippi has a favorable climate for pests all year round. 

Though there are DIY methods to get rid of a flea infestation, they are not sufficient to get completely rid of these pesky pests, and you end up wasting time, effort, and money. Elimination of flea infestations is a job for professionals. Here are a few reasons why a calling pest control service makes sense to deal with flea infestation. 

Effective – Unlike other pests, fleas remain hidden in your furnishings, and it can be challenging to find and eliminate them. Pest control companies are experts in dealing with such infestations. They have adequate knowledge and training that helps them eliminate flea infestations from your Jackson home effectively. 

Safe – Professionals have safe products that are effective in eliminating flea infestations. These products do not cause any side-effects to humans or pets when sprayed in homes. On the other hand, DIY products can be dangerous for your pets and children.

Cost-effective – If you plan to do it yourself, you will have to buy flea eliminating chemicals, spraying equipment, and protective gear for yourself. All this can add up costs; still, you may not successfully eliminate the flea infestation. On the other hand, when you call pest control services, you can expect complete elimination of flea infestation from your home. 

Pest control pros bring the required products and equipment with them. Their costs are all-inclusive, and once the quote is finalized, it does not matter how much time is needed to eliminate the flea infestation. You don’t have to pay any additional charges to them. 

Pet Treatments – Pest control services also offer pet treatments as they are potential carriers of fleas. The pet treatments will stop fleas from entering your home. 

Outdoor – The pest control services will try to find any flea infestation outside the home and eliminate them.

To sum up, pests like fleas are not only irritating but also carriers of several diseases. Hence, it would help if you focused on getting complete rid of a flea infestation to protect your family and pets.