Moving in with your partner is a natural step when a relationship becomes strong enough. However, relationships are put to the great test when a couple moves in together. Annoying habits become visible. Differences start to show up. Some couples break up shortly after moving in together. They realize it would take too much time and effort to turn an apartment into a home together. Still a better option than suffering, but there are ways to make both partners happy, at least when it comes to comfort and decoration.

Determine Ground Rules

When a couple starts living together, they always have different opinions on design. Of course, they agree on some topics. The same will happen with you and your partner. You’re a couple; you have to have things in common. But don’t expect everything to go smoothly. Maybe you love metal, and your partner hates it, so there will be a fight over that awesome iron lamp you saw. Or your partner worships some sports club and wants everyone to know it. You’ll support that passion, but not unconditionally. Imagine having a big football flag as the main decoration in your living room.

To avoid unnecessary problems, determine ground rules before you start decorating the apartment. That will make it easier for both of you to get good ideas. You won’t waste time thinking about ideas your partner would never accept.

 How to Make an Apartment Comfortable for Both Partners

Don’t Forget Your Date Nights

Many couples neglect themselves as a couple while designing an apartment. They focus on making everything comfortable but forget they are more than roommates; they are a couple. Forgetting that the two of you have to spend quality time together when designing an apartment is dangerous. If you don’t have any together areas, you can’t have real dates. Sitting in front of a TV and staring at your phones doesn’t count as a date. That’s why you should at least get some beautiful dishes and candles that complement the atmosphere. Have a romantic dinner at home now and then.

The bathroom is another key room when it comes to decorating an apartment for couples. Date nights in a well-designed bathroom are the best. Laying in a bathtub full of warm water or showering together are always good options. You have to keep that in mind while choosing how to decorate your apartment. Don’t get a tiny shower if you want to shower with your partner, or you’re planning to start unicorn dating to spice your relationship up a bit. Choose a walk-in shower that can fit 3 people, so your dates become more exciting, not more crowded.

Choose Furniture Both Of You Like

Furniture gives soul to the apartment. It shows personality, status; it’s a conversation starter, it represents you as a couple. Because of that, don’t make your partner buy furniture they don’t like. If you have different tastes, try to find common ground. That can be not easy, so you may have to go with something neutral.

That’s why most apartments are poorly designed, it’s hard to satisfy both sides, so the solution is to play it safe. You can’t fail if you get simple furniture from IKEA, but you’ll waste an opportunity to make an apartment more comfortable for you and your partner. It feels much better to sit on a couch you got because it’s awesome instead of sitting on a couch you got because it was neutral.

 How to Make an Apartment Comfortable for Both Partners

Be Ready For Compromise While Decorating

Being stubborn and insisting on designing everything the way you want will get you the apartment you want. It will destroy your relationship, so you’ll have the apartment all for yourself. Have your opinion, but don’t force it. Decide in which areas you can compromise. Maybe you don’t care about the kitchen, but you’d love to spend time in a living room you decorated. In that case, let your partner design your kitchen while you look for creative solutions for your living room. You don’t want to create two completely different rooms, though. Consult everything with your partner. Check if they are ok with your choices and always aim to achieve win-win deals. We’re living in a world full of choice; it’s possible to find designs both of you will be fine with.

Don’t Neglect Architecture!

Never settle for less if you’re in a position to choose how many rooms your apartment will have and what their purpose will be. Make a list before you start looking for an apartment, and stick to it. Giving up on another bedroom or home office may look like a wise financial move. That’s a way to lower your bills. However, you’ll appreciate additional space if you plan to stay in that apartment for a while. If you can’t get more room, but you can rearrange the apartment from scratch, stick to the same design throughout the whole place. Look at it as a whole, not as separate rooms especially if you decide to go with an open concept home. You can use anything as long as it matches well with the rest of your home. Or if it makes your life more comfortable. Then it stays. Period.