No matter how tasty and unusual the dishes at the holiday are, without the original presentation and appropriate table design, the impression from them will not be complete. To the greatest extent, this concerns the wedding since it is the table’s central element of the banquet hall. Arriving guests pay attention to it first of all and spend most of their time behind it.

When choosing a decoration for a wedding table, you need to consider the general concept of the holiday and follow it. It is important to get into the color scheme of the celebration and its style and theme. Only then can you think about the banquet, ordering the wedding speech at specialized writing services, and how to seat the guests.

Bouquets and flower arrangements

No wedding is complete without flower compositions. They become the main decoration of the celebration. Even the banquet hall’s most ordinary and ordinary room will be transformed beyond recognition if you beautifully arrange bouquets around the perimeter. The main thing is to know how to decorate the wedding table of the bride and groom with your own hands using fresh flowers and how to decorate the rest of the furniture with their help. Mainly used:

  • hydrangeas;
  • peonies;
  • roses;
  • different types of wildflowers.

If fresh bouquets are too expensive, you can replace them with regular petals. There are many of them in any flower shop.

As a wedding table decor, petals can be used in several ways:

  1. when they crumble between glasses and main dishes;
  2. when a small amount of water is poured into a salad bowl, petals and floating candles are added.

For the celebration to turn out in the same style, it is necessary to take the bride’s wedding bouquet as a basis. The types of flowers it consists of should be used when decorating festive tables. They are complemented by a variety of ribbons, lace, and other elements present in the bouquet.

Recently, weddings have begun to gain popularity, in the design of which naturalness prevails. Almost all decorative elements are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, bouquets of different herbs are chosen for decorations; tree branches, moss, and other vegetation are laid out on the tables. Natural compositions are also used to decorate glasses, cutlery, tableware, and when serving main courses.

 Important Elements in the Design of a Hall for a Wedding Celebration

Wedding candles

Electricity will never convey all the thrill of one of the most important events in the bride and groom’s life to emphasize the romance and tenderness of the celebration. Candles must be present on the tables. They can be found in candlesticks, candelabra, vases of water, or other items that highlight the natural beauty of a burning flame.

One of the main rules when decorating a table with wedding candles will be to take care of the safety of guests. They need to be placed in the center so that guests do not accidentally touch or hook the decor.


Such decoration looks not only original but is also an integral part of the wedding table. The decoration will be especially liked by children, who are always not averse to feasting on different fruits. Products are beautifully and neatly laid out in vases, suitable for the chosen style of a wedding celebration.

The fruit itself becomes a natural decoration. If your finances allow, then you can pick up exciting and exotic species.

Recently, carving has been used at weddings. This oriental art consists of carving masterpieces on vegetables and fruits. All guests will be amazed and will remember such a decoration for a long time.