It is hard to prevent bed bugs from entering your Tulsa, OK home. What started as a fable in the early 1900s has turned into a full-blown infestation in Oklahoma cities. 

Thanks to Tulsa’s weather, bed bugs have made the city their home in the past few years. Sadly, bed bugs don’t live in the yard, and they cannot be exterminated by applying pest control treatments around the outdoor perimeter.

The only way to do away with these pests and maintain a healthy environment is by working with technicians experienced in pest control Tulsa OK. 

Bed Bugs Infestation in Tulsa

According to the Tulsa Health Department, bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. These ravenous bugs tend to be active, usually during the nights when the household is sober and quiet. 

Sometimes, it becomes challenging to identify bed bugs as a result of their small size and sneaky nature. When fully grown, they are only about ¼ inches long. 

If you notice pests that are reddish-brown, flat and oval-shaped in appearance attached to the seams of mattresses or headboards of your bed, you can instantly confirm that they are bed bugs. 

Yet, if you are still unsure about catching the bugs just with the appearance, here are some signs that can help you identify bed bugs and bed bug bites.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation 

Gone are the days when Americans perceived bed bugs as a myth. And gone are the days when mosquitos and spiders were the most common annoyances for Americans. 

All premises in Tulsa are now at risk of bed bug infestation, be it individual residences or upscale hotels, condos, and dorms. 

The most critical and visible signs of bed bug infestation include bites and distinctive bite marks. You can identify bed bug bites with the following traits:

  • You may notice a distinctive red mark on your skin after the incident. As bed bugs tend to bite people in multiple locations, you may see more than one bite sign on your skin, presenting itself as irritated and inflamed red rashes.
  • As these pesky bed bugs are nocturnal, they usually bite at night when you are sound asleep.
  • Look out for fecal matter and stains in the corners of the mattresses and undersides of chair cushions and couches.
  • Check for bug molts on light-colored furniture, sheets, and mattresses.

Once you spot a bed bug infestation in your home, you must call a local expert in pest control in Tulsa, OK, right away.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Professional Help

Though bed bugs get their name from their majestic dwelling place, bedrooms and mattresses are not the only places they can be found in. 

Bed bugs are critters that thrive in humid and warm environments. They can be found hiding in any crook or corner, which offers damp air, warmth, and opportunities to come in contact with hosts. 

Tulsa, OK, and other cities in Oklahoma top the chart in the bed bug infestation list. Unfortunately, Tulsa’s humid subtropical climate has become a prime spot for bed bug infestation.

The only way to eliminate the dangerous and ravenous infestation is by reaching out to a local professional for help. 

So how do pest control experts help get rid of bed bug infestation in your Tulsa, OK home?

 How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Tulsa Home with Professional Help

Conduct a Thorough Initial Inspection 

As a first step, professional pest control experts in Tulsa will inspect your property before acting. They will look at different areas like mattresses, headboards, nightstands, beddings, and other living room furniture for bed bug sightings. A licensed professional will carry out this thorough inspection as they have the experience to distinguish bed bugs from other pests. 

Once they identify the infestation by visual inspection, they will be able to estimate the severity of the bug infestation and take action accordingly. 

Plan Bed Bug Treatment

With the high increase in reported cases of bed bug infestation in Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, and other areas in Oklahoma, devising a proper treatment plan is the only solution to get rid of the infestation. 

Once the professional exterminators inspect and locate the infestation site, a treatment plan will be set in motion to exterminate the pests. From non-pesticide to traditional pesticide treatments, the professionals will choose a reliable, safe, and foolproof method based on your demands and requirements. 

Some of the conventional bed bug treatment methods are:

  • Pesticide Sprays and Dust
  • Mattress Encasements
  • Spot Treatment with Crevice Injection

Pesticide treatments and other conventional methods may require multiple services over weeks or months.  In case you prefer a single treatment, you can choose bed bug heat treatment instead. 

Some bed bug heat treatment methods are:

  • Mattress Encasements
  • Vacuuming
  • Heat Treatment (120°F or above)

The exterminator will recommend heat treatment mainly when the level of bed bug infestation is severe.

Exterminating With Heat Treatment

Suppose the professionals are applying heat treatment to exterminate the bed bugs, you can heave a sigh of relief, knowing that it is a one-time solution that has the potential to get rid of the entire infestation.

Heat treatment is done using heaters in high temperatures of around 120 – 140 ° F. As the bed bugs and the eggs die at around 113°F, this treatment can be used to eliminate bed bugs at any point in their life cycle.

Exterminating With Chemical Treatment

To exterminate the bed bugs with the help of chemical treatments, the professionals may use a combination of chemical products and vacuum over the course of multiple weeks. The only downside is that pesticide treatments may not effectively impact bed bug eggs.

Call A Pest Control Service in Tulsa, OK

As soon as you get a hint of bed bug infestation in your home, schedule an inspection with local experts in pest control in Tulsa, OK. 

Instead of trying your hands on unproven DIY bed bug extermination methods, you can save a lot of time and money by leaving the heavy lifting to a reliable and experienced pest control service in Tulsa.