Ever wondered why casinos all look broadly the same? Well, there are certain design rules that they all follow. And the reason for this is simple. To make the punters spend more money. Here are seven things you didn’t know about casino design. 

No Clocks Or Windows

Ever noticed that when you are in a casino, there are never any windows or clocks? That’s intentional. Casinos want to keep you spending all the money they let you bring with you because they know that if you have no idea of how much time has passed, it will feel like your bankroll is unlimited and you may lose all sense of responsibility.

Labyrinthine Design

Casinos are designed to mess with your head. They have layouts that make you wander around, seemingly aimlessly. The walls and ceilings are covered in sound-absorbing materials so the place is always eerily quiet. This makes it easy for them to pipe in extra background noise if they want you to stay longer. Every casino is designed to feel like a labyrinth.

Intimate Settings

It’s always better when you are surrounded by other people. It makes it more difficult to leave. In a casino, they will have lots of smaller tables so people can sit and play for longer without getting up. Everything in a casino is designed to make it feel intimate.

 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Casino Design 

They Want Your Eyes On The Prize

This is not just a saying. In casinos, the most valuable prizes are always placed high up in plain sight. This way they can control what you stare at and keep your attention focused. They also want to distract you from the fact that they have lots of cameras. They know how powerful our eyes are and use them to their advantage.

Narrow Walkways And Compact Rooms

In casinos, everything is tight and compact. That’s why you can never get lost in them. Because they know if they make the place feel like home, it will be more difficult for you to leave. You might be better actually staying at home and playing on spincasino.com/nz/.

Natural Light And Air Are For Slots

If you notice, slot machines always seem to be near the entrance of a casino. The reason for this is that natural light and fresh air are distractions. They want to make sure your eyes and your attention wander towards the gaming floor as soon as possible. They also feel like your escape route. 

They Want You To Gamble As Soon As You Arrive

Ever noticed that as soon as you arrive in a casino, they take your money? Of course, there are drinks and snacks for sale. They want to get your hands full of cash and put it all on the table. Casinos know how hard it is to leave if your money is already invested. With an ATM so far away, you’re going to gamble it all. They want to get your gambling juices flowing and make sure the only way to get rid of some of that money is by playing roulette.