Medfield is a town located in Norfolk County in Massachusetts. According to 2021 population estimates, the population of Medfield town is around 13,097. It is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts, and most residents of Medfield own their homes.

If you plan to move to this city, you can buy a single-family home with the help of a Medfield MA real estate agent. Here are a few things to check before buying a single-family home in Medfield. 

Property Price

The Medfield housing market is competitive. Recent real estate price data show that the current rate per square foot in Medfield is around $342. If you compare the 2021 sale prices with the previous year’s prices, you will see a 23.6% increase. Before you set out to find homes for sale, it is good to define a budget for the purchase. 

When you set a budget, it is easier for the real estate agent to suggest homes that fit your budget. When comparing the list price of homes, find the property prices in surrounding neighborhoods to know whether the seller is offering you a genuine quotation. 

Carpet Area

Medfield MA housing market offers you comprehensive options in the carpet area. For example, you can find listings of small-family homes with a carpet area of fewer than 2000 sq.ft. and large single-family homes with a carpet area of more than 5000 sq.ft. When searching for single-family homes for sale in Medfield, you need to consider your space requirements and budget. 

The property listings in Medfield, MA, generally mention carpet areas but do not disclose any details. Some house owners also consider the super built-up area in their homes and include it in carpet area figures. Super built-up area includes thickness of walls, stairs, elevator space, and shafts. If you have questions about the carpet area of a specific property, you can call a Medfield MA real estate agent to get more details. 

Generally, carpet area refers to the actual surface area between walls. If the house owner has also included the super built-up area in the carpet area, you will get around 30% less carpet area than the figure mentioned in the listing. 

 What Should You Check Before Buying a Single-Family Home in Medfield?

Land Record

Medfield, MA, has a land area of 14.59 square miles. The land on which the single-family home is built is crucial in your purchase. Medfield is located about 17 miles southwest of Boston, Massachusetts. According to soil experts, Boston has a sandy loam type of soil suitable for building homes.

The sandy loam soil is a typical combination of silt, sand, and clay with evenly balanced properties. It maintains water at a flat rate. You need to find information about the topography of the land and the type of soil on which the single-family home is constructed. The land on which the house is built should be registered and free from any dues. 

Before buying a single-family home in Medfield, you must check and verify the title deed in detail. The title deed gives you complete details on the ownership, rights, and obligations towards the property. 

Legal Check of Property 

Even though the land title belongs to the owner, you need to ensure the house owner took necessary permission from local authorities before constructing a house on the plot. The Massachusetts Amendments to The International Building Code 2009 mentions the rules and regulations to be followed while constructing homes in different zones. 

Suppose the plot lies in areas prone to flooding. The house owner needs to obtain permission from the Building Code Appeals Board before making any lawful constructions or modifications. You need to ensure the house owner has followed the laws while constructing the single-family home on the plot. 

 What Should You Check Before Buying a Single-Family Home in Medfield?

Location of the Single-Family Home

Medfield consistently ranks as one of the expensive real estate markets in the US. With a population of 13,097, it is the 156th largest community in Massachusetts. The city has two constituent neighborhoods – High St/Granite St and Town Center. The High St/Granite St is the expensive neighborhood of the two. 

Depending on your budget, you need to decide which neighborhood listings fit your budget. The location of the single-family home is crucial as you will be settling down in the area with your family. 

Before you purchase a home in Medfield, you need to check the physical infrastructure, amenities, and transportation facilities available to reach primary places in Medfield city. The neighborhood you select in Medfield, MA, should be a safe and secure place to live.

To sum up, these are some essential factors you need to focus on when buying a single-family home in Medfield, MA.