Nothing is more exciting than moving into your new home! Packing your things, figuring out logistics, and cleaning your old house before moving out are some things you have to survive. Well, you can avoid the hustle and hassle by hiring a reputable maid service for cleaning and a home mover to transport your belongings.

1. Hire Local Movers

The same with choosing a laundry shop, you choose the nearest laundromat to inspect their equipment and business operations. That’s what you should do when hiring a home mover. Hiring a local home mover assures you that the moving company is legitimate. Moreover, it is easier to reach them when you have concerns about your moving day.

2. Ask for Recommendations from Friends or Family

Some of your friends or family might have experienced moving into a new home, do not hesitate to ask for recommendations from them. Ask them questions about their experiences in hiring home movers. Do not stop yourself from being curious. 

If you are tight on budget, you can only hire movers to load, drive, and unload your belongings. You can pack and prepare the things yourself, that way it is also safer for your belongings.

3. Read Company Reviews

Apart from listening to your friend or family’s recommendations, you can check out the company reviews on Google or their website. It is easy to check the quality of their service through the satisfaction of their customers on the online reviews.

If you are adamant about the moving company, you can reach out to the Better Business Bureau to inquire about complaints against the company. 

 5 Things to Look for When Choosing Home Movers

4. Verify Company Credentials, Insurance, and Safety Records

Aside from the recommendations and reviews you have heard and read; it is best to verify it yourself. Check on the credentials, safety records, and insurance of the moving company. You do not want to make yourself liable because their worker got injured while moving your belongings, right? There’s nothing wrong with checking their coverage and certificate.

5. Communicate Your Needs and Expectations

Everything goes well when you communicate your needs and expectations. You cannot expect the home movers to assume everything you need. That’s why it is essential to keep them in writing, so they know what you expect and meet the deadlines.

6. Ask for their Rates and Compare Estimates

If you are not in a rush, it is better to ask for their service rates and compare their estimates to other companies. You should have a minimum of three moving companies to compare. It is not a good idea to accept a ballpark figure over phone calls. Instead, let them check and inventory your belongings. Do not immediately go for their rates. Inquire about other companies before you select the best one for your needs.

Other than their rates, you have to be cautious of those companies that ask for deposits before transporting your belongings. If they do, the deposit fee should not be more than 20%. Moreover, do not give the deposit in cash. Go for a credit card. It makes it easier for you to revert the payment when things get sour.