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Tittle Light: The Interactive 3D LED Smart Lamp


Startup company Spin-R has created the Tittle Light, a unique LED lamp that instantly transforms any home environment by titillating users’ senses with custom mood lighting and 3D animated emojis. Complemented with an iOS, Android and web app, Tittle allows users to instantly immerse themselves in their ideal lighting environment with the touch of a finger through the app’s color, brightness, mood, timer and animation controls.


With Tittle, users can easily set the stage for any occasion with a variety of settings such as “mood light,” “music visualizations,” “time/clock” displays and customizable 3D emojis. The mood lighting feature complements every occasion, from romantic with the “sunset” or “fireplace” settings, to fun with the “fireworks” or “constellation” settings as well as celebratory with the “snow globe” and “confetti” settings. With the music visualization mode, Tittle generates exhilarating 3D animated imagery by synchronizing with any surrounding music and sounds in real time. Tittle Light can also display time through both Digital and Analog modes with its built-in quartz chip.


Additionally, users can create and save their customized emojis on the mobile app or design their own 3D animated emoji through Tittle’s web platform. Anything created on the web will automatically also save to their mobile app library. In both cases, users can then send their mesmerizing pre-made and user-created emojis to other Tittle users. It also features a whole host of customizable 3D animated emojis from love and emotions to holiday and weather, allowing users to pair an emoji for every moment.


“We wanted to create a consumer grade LED lamp that is practical and entertaining,” said Kinsen Au, CEO of SPIN-R and creator of Tittle Light. “Tittle is way more than just a light. It’s an app-controlled lighting device with so many stunning features. One of my favorites is ‘Paint.’ Users can really be creative and build their own animations with the simple touch of a finger. I was a very proud dad when my 13-year-old son was playing around with Tittle the other day and made his first game animation.”


Tittle Light contains 512 high quality LED lights viewable at any 180-degree angle with no blind spot. It is housed with a base made from high-grade aluminum that will be available in black, silver or copper to fit any décor. The case is completed with a unique smoky glass housing to best filter the lights. Tittle is fully Wi-Fi enabled and contains a microphone for music visualizing.


In order to bring this product to life, SPIN-R has launched an Indiegogo campaign with a funding goal of $30,000 USD. The campaign, which can be found here, features limited Super Early Bird specials of $199.00 USD (40% off MSRP) along with other great perks.


all images and video courtesy of Spin-R