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Top 10 Emerging House Design Trends in 2021

Top 10 Emerging House Design Trends in 2021

Does your house have any excess elements? An interior designer will help you get rid of them while ensuring the necessary attributes are left intact.

As an interior designer, you should consider these top 10 emerging house design trends in 2021:

1. The “Wellness Kitchen” Concept

This is a concept that entails ensuring you lead a healthy lifestyle by improving the surrounding area. The kitchen is where you will implement this concept. It is advisable to ensure the space is free and there is enough natural light so that the plants can grow well. Open shelves will come in handy. You can also put in place modern technologies such as a climate control system. The utensils in the kitchen can also be made using natural materials. You can utilize renovation estimate software to determine the cost of everything you need to actualize the “wellness kitchen” concept.

2. ECO Style

The ECO style entails incorporating the green color into your house. The green color will have an effect on your psyche; it restores normality to the nervous system. By ensuring there are enough plants in your house, you will have enough harmony. Vertical gardens will become more common.

3. Transparent Home Decoration

Decorative elements that are transparent ensure you will manage to create an atmosphere of lightness within your house. You can try out furniture made using plexiglass, steel fittings, and translucent textiles.

 Top 10 Emerging House Design Trends in 2021

4. Using Ethnic Prints

This is a trend that is interconnected with Japanese and Moroccan fashion. By incorporating ethnic elements into your interior, you will be inspired to travel more and discover different cultures. You can use natural textiles that have patterns that are ornamental. You can also incorporate painted accessories. Clay shades are currently common when it comes to interior décor.

5. Rustic Vogue

If you are interested in having a modern home, you can try out the rustic vogue interior design. The design concept ensures the crowd is pleased, and you will be comfortable as you incorporate different character details in the living space. Such an idea is suitable for a home with interesting features, including original floorboards and exposed beams. You can also recreate everything and ensure the new and old pieces are well balanced to work together well.

Reclaimed wood is a crucial part of this concept. Ensure you have looked for some unique pieces which will showcase a lot of texture and grain instead of items that are well finished.

6. Contemporary Country

You are supposed to match and mix the natural textures to ensure there is an inviting look. Muted colors should be mixed with prints that are colorful to ensure there is a contemporary look.

7. Vintage

Antique and salvaged pieces have a pace in the vintage scheme. The main focus should be on referencing the look instead of reproducing it. Use your favorite pieces and incorporate intense colors. The main focus should be on ensuring there is some contrast. Your vintage-style scheme should be built up progressively. Such a look needs layering, which means you should choose vintage pieces that have a meaning to you. You can then add some elements such as statement lighting to ensure you have come up with a mode.

 Top 10 Emerging House Design Trends in 2021

8. Distant Shores

We all yearn for the distant shores such that they have become a major trend in interior design. As you travel for a tropical getaway, you will always keep in mind the distant shores inspired by the interior design incorporated into your house.

Such a design ensures your living space is relaxing and calm. Your home will also feel inviting and safe; the design features soft lemons, subtle monotones, and tropical brights.

The floral designs can be incorporated to bring the outside to your interior. Some digital prints can be designed to easily work with any home with color palettes that are complementary, and they can be utilized in any home.

9. Warm Colors

During winter, you should get cozy. The best way to do so, you can incorporate warm colors into your interior. Nonetheless, the warm colors will feel welcoming even during summer or spring.

Some colors work well with dark colors such as navy and grey. Some of these colors will also ensure there is a playful element within your home.

10. Shabby Chic

This is a trend that focuses on a sense of luxury that is unrefined and faded elegance. You can look for different accessories such as mirrors and chandeliers that have not been restored to perfection, but they have aged well.


Are you interested in renovating your home, but you don’t know about different home design trends that you can utilize? You can try out the top 10 emerging trends that have been listed above.