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Top 10 Ways Floating Shelves Can Enhance A Room

Top 10 Ways Floating Shelves Can Enhance A Room

Designing your room can be a complicated and fun activity. Considering the wide array of choices available nowadays in the market, it’s tough when choosing the perfect furniture for your room. However, once you do find the one that’ll really make your room look better and more stylish, you get a sense of fulfillment. But, if you’re currently empty of ideas right now and thinking what to put in your room, we’re highly suggesting to get floating shelves–it’s going to be the best decision you’ll make. 

If you have never heard of an EZ floating shelf ever, it’s important to note that it’s not a levitating piece of furniture. Unlike an ordinary shelf with a boxy shape and enclosed in wooden brackets, a floating shelf has none of those. It’s a shelf that’s attached to walls, and usually, you won’t be seeing its supports. Thus, it gets the name ‘floating’ as it seems like it’s stuck up on its own.   

That being said, here are 10 reasons why you should get floating shelves for your room:

1. They Don’t Take Too Much Space

Normal shelves, which are big and bulky in size, take up too much of your room’s space. And, if you already have a small room to begin with, having this type of shelf around can cramp up your space. 

A room should have space for you to move around in. If you opt for floating shelves, you’d get to have so much free space saved as they’re really just wooden planks or metal boards stuck up on the wall, unlike space-hoarding normal shelves. This type of shelf is also ideal if you’re going for a minimalistic way of living.

2. Unconventionally Stylish

An untraditional looking shelf that seems like it’s floating is definitely going to make your room modern and stylish looking. Floating shelves can either be simple or very eye-catching. It holds both potentials because this shelf will test your creativity. It’s a piece of furniture that you can easily mix and match with anything, which is why it can have many styles.

An example is to hang floating shelves in a slanting way to make it look more unique and a vibe of playfulness to your room. Be careful not to style it in a way that the objects on your shelves would fall off, though. Basically, you can have as many stylish ideas you want with floating shelves.  

3. Pleasing To The Eyes

Normal shelves take too much space because of their bulky size. They also give off the vibe of shelves in your local library. If you’re one who has this type of shelf at home and it becomes bothersome for you, then for sure it’s also an eyesore now.

End your annoyance and go for floating shelves. They’re the exact opposite of normal shelves; pleasing to the eyes, lightweight, and, the best part, space-saving. If you don’t want to settle for normal shelves since it’ll give you an eyesore, go for floating shelves instead as these are a sure eye candy.

4. Emphasizes Your Room’s Width or Height

Depending on how or where you place your floating shelves, if you do it well, you could emphasize your room’s space to make it look bigger and elevated. Since floating shelves are lines, they create an illusion to the eyes that can complement your room’s shape. If you have a small room, having floating shelves can help make your room appear bigger in pictures.

Another way to emphasize your room’s size is by allotting a space in the room for your shelves, have the shelves styled from floor to ceiling, and organize your stuff in that one side of the room. Doing so can make your room have more space when most of your things are on one side of the room. It’s also a great way to keep track of where you can easily find your things.

5. Gives Your Room A Minimalist Look

When you say a minimalist room, it doesn’t entirely mean you need to have few to almost nothing furniture pieces and other stuff in it. Minimalism is mostly about keeping things that serve you value and don’t give you burden. 

If you’re looking into having a minimalist room, have a floating shelf. This type of shelf is ideal for a minimalist look since it’s useful, stylish, and not stressing you out with matters such as hoarding up space. Since minimalism is about keeping things that give you value, do away with the normal shelves that only take up space and won’t add value to your life.

 Top 10 Ways Floating Shelves Can Enhance A Room

6. They Fill-up Voids

Have you ever looked at your room and felt like something is missing? A clean wall, for example, gives your room a void or a hollow feeling. Moreover, it can also give your room a ‘boring’ area by looking too plain. 

Good thing floating shelves exist! They do just the trick to fill up those empty spaces in the walls of your room. It’ll give your room a more three-dimensional feel compared to having just walls with nothing attached, which makes it look two-dimensional.

7. Organize Your Stuff

Not only do floating shelves make your room look nicer, they’re, of course, serving a purpose. Like normal shelves, they also organize. You can place books, picture frames, and any other little trinkets you want. 

Here are some creative ways you can organize your stuff with a floating shelf:

  • If your wall is white, use the same white color for your floating shelf so that whatever non-white thing you place there will be a stunning pop of color. 
  • If you want that earthy touch in your home, opt for brown wooden floating shelves and place flower pots on it. It’ll really bring out the outdoors vibe to your room.
  • To help you maximize space while organizing your things, use triangle floating shelves on the corners of your room.
  • To make the most out of you floating shelves, use both surfaces for your stuff. For example, you can display your hats on the top surface, and attach hooks at the bottom surface and hang your scarves.
  • If you have a staircase with a blank wall space at the side close to the entrance of your home, consider placing shelves that line the staircase. You can also put things you usually grab before leaving the door on it like keys and umbrellas.

8. Showcase Your Things

Floating shelves display things better. This is because, unlike normal shelves, it doesn’t block your things when you look at it from any angle because it has no brackets or enclosures. So, if you want that nice vase or important trophy of yours to be in the limelight of your room, a floating shelf can do this for you.

Apart from being able to see your display in a full 360 degrees, it’s also an easier way to see if your shelves or the things displayed are in need of cleaning. You can see in an instant if your things have dusts or are in need of washing. A dusty shelf display isn’t something you want to proudly display.

9. Easier Access of Stored Things

Skip the hassle of opening and closing glass doors that normal shelves have and go for floating shelves because it has no enclosures and things can easily be of reach. Imagine easily grabbing your favorite book from your shelf when you’re in a hurry to head out. It can really make your room more efficient.

If you strategize where you place them, you can also use the floating shelves efficiently. For example, if you usually forget your glasses when leaving your room, placing them on a shelf by the door to your room can make you remember to bring them. This way, you can easily grab your glasses as you head for the door.

10. Adjustable and Easy To Move Around

Since floating shelves can easily be adjusted to suit however you like it, you can enhance your room every now and then with different styles. You can change its height and alignment, too. 

With normal shelves, you can’t really customize it on your own. Instead, you have to bring it to a furniture craftsman to have it altered, which can be quite costly. However, with floating shelves, you can easily move it around the house. The only thing you’ll need to work on is unscrewing its supports from the wall. 


Pieces of furniture can either make or break the wholeness of your room. Aside from the aesthetic touch that furniture pieces bring to your room, you have to highly consider their purpose, efficiency, and if it can accommodate the spaces well. You shouldn’t go for furniture pieces that don’t fully function and are a waste of space. Always opt for those that can serve you well. 

This is why it’s recommended to get floating shelves, which are not only going to enhance your room’s design but will also give you other benefits, such as saving more space and better organize your things. Go ahead and get yourself floating shelves, and you’re sure to not regret it!