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Top 7 Applications to Perform a Background Check

Top 7 Applications to Perform a Background Check

George Milton from Pexels

Everyone loves getting easy access to the information they want. The same thing goes with performing background checks on someone. Generally, a background check is a lengthy process and includes different steps to learn crucial details about someone. However, the new method of performing background checks is much easier and reliable than the previous one.

With online background check services, you can get access to someone’s information within a few minutes. Yes, you read it right.

In this article, we hand-picked the top 7 applications that let you perform an online background check on someone. We considered different factors such as effectivity, availability of information, budget, and some other factors. 

It means that you will find at least one application that works for you. So, let’s begin with the most powerful platform for background checks.


CocoFinder is the leading platform to do a background check online. The platform uses advanced technology to find the information by just the name of the person. It is like a search engine where you can search for your query and find the relevant results. However, it is more organized and offers easy reports to access information.

The user interface is quite user-friendly and you will find all the tools you want. However, you will only need to use the background check tool to get someone’s public information. Click on the background check button and you can enter the person’s name to perform a check on someone.

Tip: The tool may require you to select the state where the person lives. Also, mentioning the area or city will improve the search results for you. Thus, enter as much information as you have to get faster and accurate results.


PeopleFinderFree is an exceptional platform designed to help you track the details of any person or phone number online. The platforms offer safe and easy access to public information such as identity, educational records, and the employment history of a person. 

Using this platform is quite easy as you just need to search the person by their name. It will start looking for the information in its database and show all the available information.

Within a few minutes, you will get all the information you want. The only limitation is that the platform may not provide complete information for all the searches. Thus, you need to check the search report to know about it.


If you are into some advanced platforms, ZabaSearch is the one for you. It is more like the CocoFinder platform but comes with some more exciting tools to track public information. This tool lets you learn some more details of a person including their phone number and social media accounts with a single search.

Also, you can check the criminal records of a person with the same report. All you need is to use its background check feature and search for the profile of the person you are looking for. 

We recommend this application when you fail to get the desired results from CocoFinder.

 Top 7 Applications to Perform a Background Check


TruthFinder is another option for public information experts. The platform comes with one of the most impressive databases of public information. You can expect some instant results from this tool as you can access the People Search tool on its homepage. However, if you want to perform a proper search, we recommend choosing the Background Check tool from its menu.

The background check tool performs an in-depth search and shows you the complete records of the person. You can even find the court trials and police records of any individual. On the other hand, the people search tool is faster but provides only basic information. Thus, you can choose between these features according to your requirements. 


We recommend Intelius to our readers who do not want to worry about the complex working of online platforms. It is an easy and smart tool to perform a background check on any person you want. However, the service is offered under the people search feature as there is no dedicated background check feature for the job. Still, you can find a lot of useful information by performing a simple search. 

To begin, you need to enter the first name, last name, city, and state of the person. You can hit the search button after entering this information to proceed with your query. There is another feature that lets you perform a search on your own profile to find out online information about yourself. To use this feature, simply click on the ‘this is me’ box while performing a search on its platform. 


The best thing about ClearChecks is that it provides a legal way to perform background checks on an employee. It has an exclusive account option for employers who want to perform background checks on their employees. That is why a lot of people compare it to offline background check services as it is equally accurate and provides results instantly.

The application will ask you to create an account as an employer and request reports to proceed. There is no direct feature to access information online.


The TenantBackgroundSearch website is all about performing background checks on tenants and employees. It helps you clear all the doubts that you have regarding a new paying guest or tenant. All you need is to enter the information of the person and order a report on their criminal records.

The only drawback is the expensive membership plan of this website. It may cost you up to $20 for a single search. It sounds tool expensive when you compare it with other applications in this list.

Final Words

You will easily find at least one suitable application to perform the background check you want. We listed some proper background check platforms like CocoFinder and ZabaSearch while keeping them mixed with some exclusive tools like PeopleFinderFree and TenantBackgroundSearch.

That is why all you need is to choose the right platform for you.