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Top Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Dead Simple

Top Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Dead Simple

As always you wish you had organized differently, planned more, or simply had an easier way to navigate the moving process. And, here you are yet again confused about where to start from? Hey, we get it. We’ve been through it too! Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Here’s the ultimate moving guide that will help you stay ahead of the moving woes.

Things you should do before you move

  • If possible, get the bathroom and kitchen of your new home cleaned before the move.
  • Declutter and dispose of all the clothes and other items that you don’t require any more. Discarding the unnecessary things will make packing, unpacking, loading and unloading easier.
  • For a week leading up to your move, plan your meals around perishable items or frozen food that you have in your refrigerator.
  • Update your new address in time for all your accounts and let all the important people know. This means contacting the bank, the family doctor, the postal services, etc.
  • Research! Research! Research! The more time you spend online reading reviews about moving companies in your area, the more chances you have to hire the best residential moving company.
  • Rather than throwing away your old batteries and electronics, find a centre that recycles electronics.
  • Measure up the size of your rooms and dining area before moving in. This way you will get an idea of how the furniture will fit in your new home.
  • Plan your move in the middle of the month to cut costs. It’s cheaper then.
  • Ask your moving company, if they provide facilities of storage in Gaithersburg, MD.

 Top Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Dead Simple

How to Save Time, Money and Hassle While Packing? 

  • Gather used boxes from local retailers.
  • Instead of using foam peanuts, protect fragile items with newspaper and magazines.
  • Put your clothes inside a trash bag before packing them in boxes. This will make unpacking them simpler.
  • For more storage options, use laundry baskets, trash bin and suitcases.
  • Protect your stemware and fragile items by wrapping them in clothes and linens for extra padding.
  • While disassembling furniture, keep all hardware and screws in a plastic bag. Put the bag in a box and then label the box.
  • String electric wires with paper towel rolls to avoid tangles.
  • Pack your boxes by room to avoid confusion.
  • Label all the boxes and make an inventory list.
  • Create handles for your boxes using a paper cutter.
  • Wrap your utensils organizer in a cling film instead of letting the knives and folks run loose in a box.
  • Buy space bags to maximize storage space and minimize your boxes.
  • To save space, fill up pans and pots with dish towels and other kitchen items.
  • Defrost your fridge completely the night before your move.
  • Before moving your refrigerator, wrap it in a shrink wrap to keep the doors from opening.

Moving Day Must-Dos

  • Buy easy breakfast items so that you have food for the morning after the moving day.
  • If you are moving with kids, assign them small tasks to make them feel more involved in the process.
  • Keep a special snack bin and load it with chocolates, protein bars, chips, water, or whatever you need to stay fueled up during the move.
  • Keep all your moving day essentials in a bag. It is always better to keep your laptop, toiletries, medications and clothes at your disposal.
  • Pack all the items that you’ll need immediately after the move in a designated “open first” box. Think – hand soap, bedsheets, towels, etc.
  • Treat yourself! Take a break. Moving day is stressful and tiring, so take some “me time” when it’s over. Order some tacos, watch a movie, or do whatever you need to after a long day.

There it is! Use these easy hacks to make the moving process hassle-free.