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TV Aerial Repairs Tips to Repair Your TV Aerial & Antenna Installation

TV aerial or TV antennas both are the same. It is an antenna that receives broadcast signals over the air. These signals are transmitted at frequencies from 41 to 250MHz and 470 to 960MHz in VHF band and UHF band respectively based on the countries requirement. A TV aerial is a metallic object, which can be installed at your home by any local television aerial company.

It carries tv signals as electromagnetic waves in the antenna and induces electrical currents. TV aerials are also known as “Yagi rays” acknowledged by engineers. The television set amplifies the signal and selects information’s that helps them to carry sound and vision.

There are different types of TV aerials and antennas used for TV, FM and DAB radio. You should look for which is appropriate for your TV aerial installation. Here is the list of aerials and antenna:

  • Yagi TV aerials
  • Log Periodic aerials
  • High gain aerials
  • X type aerials
  • Bow tie aerials
  • Multi boom aerials
  • Grouped aerials
  • Grid Aerials
  • Contract Aerial
  • Indoor TV aerials
  • Loft TV aerial
  • Digital TV aerials

There are other aerials too which are related to FM and DAB radio. We can discuss this sometime later or some other day.

Have you lost your signal or TV channels? Poor picture quality? Connect with engineers who can repair or install your TV aerial on the very same day with best quality service. There can be many reasons for loss of signal, poor quality of pictures for examples:

  • Bad weather
  • Damaged equipment
  • Incompatible devices

The primary purpose of TV is breaking up or freezing, voice dropping, and signal issues are TV aerial problem. There are two options to get this problem solved. First, you can connect with an engineer nearby to repair your TV aerial or for installation. Secondly, you can find out the cause and follow the steps given below to get your TV aerial work again. You can repair it by yourself. We are sharing a step by step guide which will help you to get back your TV signals, picture and sound.

Things you will need to solve this problem are RF cable, if necessary and Signal Booster, if necessary.

Please find the tips below to repair your TV aerial:

Step 1: Check your cable connection with converter box and check if they are correctly in place. To detect the TV signal check if the TV is set to channel 3 or 4 and also the connection of your TV to the converter.

Step 2: Replace your RF cable or antenna if it is worn out, this cable is connected from your antenna to tv. This worn out RF cable can disrupt the availability of smooth transmission and signals.

Step 3: Check the antenna position and try adjusting it if you still find the signals to be weak. Try putting the antenna higher at least 30 feet is recommended. It can help you get strong signals due to its heights.

Step 4: Signal booster can be installed to increase the signal strength from your antenna to the converter box.

Step 5: If you are using, an indoor TV aerial tries to keep it beside the window to get a continuous signal. Keep it far from light and computer because these all interrupts the signal flow to the converter box.

This article gives you an overview of TV aerial, types of TV aerials and how can you fix your TV aerial or install an antenna. These all can be done if you are getting a weak signal connection or any issues with your TV channels like vision, sound, etc.