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Understand Different Types of Forklifts Before You Buy One 

Understand Different Types of Forklifts Before You Buy One 

Forklifts are a popular and reliable piece of machinery at all kinds of warehouses and industrial worksites. Their utility at lifting and moving heavy loads saves time and energy that would otherwise go into manual labor. 

Owing to their demand at various worksites, forklift manufacturers design different kinds of forklifts and incorporate various features that are best suited for specific environments. So, for a warehouse, you have a Warehouse Forklift, an Order Picker to pick and deliver loads from storages, and a Heavy-duty forklift to carry out the work at construction sites. 

In this article, we will introduce you to various kinds of forklifts available on the market today. Let’s take a look. 

Warehouse forklift 

Warehouse forklift is the most common type of forklift that is used to transport multiple items from inventories within a facility. It is used for loading and unloading pallets, as well as balanced materials, and transporting and removing items from delivery vehicles.  

The majority of warehouse forklifts easily carry 5000 lbs. But, if you invest in a heavy-duty model, you can expect it to lift up to 25000 lbs. 

A Warehouse Forklift can be of two types: side-loader and counterbalance forklift. The side-loader, as the name suggests, features sideways operation and is used in manufacturing facilities that deal with heavy items. On the other hand, a counterbalance forklift comes with forks in the front and weight at the back to counterbalance the load. 

Pallet Jack 

A pallet jack or pump truck is a small lift truck used to carry small loads. Its compact size makes it a great pick for tight spaces. Moreover, owing to its small size, it produces a smaller carbon footprint and comes at a very affordable price range. It can be either electric or manual. 

 Understand Different Types of Forklifts Before You Buy One 


Telehandler is also called a reach forklift or telescopic forklift since it has an extendable arm. The arm features twin forks that lift pallets of a maximum of 5,500 lbs to the height of 19 feet. Some heavy-duty models even lift pallets to 55 feet. 

The excellent arm design, weight-bearing capacity, as well as lifting capacity, makes this forklift ideal for use in tight spaces, odd angles, and heavy load management situations. 

Rough terrain forklift 

This forklift is specially designed to work at outdoor sites. Its robust pneumatic tires enable it to glide swiftly over rough terrains. 

The competency of this forklift is mainly attributed to its tires. Tires of rough terrain forklifts are large and possess quality treads to provide stability and balance on a rocky surface. So, if you are looking for a forklift for a construction site, a rough terrain forklift is the best option to go with. 

However, as these forklifts work at outdoor sites, they are more vulnerable to wear and tear. So it’s advised that you stay extra vigilant about its maintenance and repairs. Schedule regular maintenance jobs and if you ever need replacements, contact companies like CIF Transmission that specialize in repairing forklift transmissions and other forklift parts.  

 Understand Different Types of Forklifts Before You Buy One 

Large capacity forklift 

Large capacity or industrial forklift is another widely used forklift. This type of forklift combines the warehouse forklift and telehandler forklift functionalities. It is built like the warehouse forklift but just like a telehandler, this forklift is also capable of lifting weights up to 30,000 lbs off the ground. However, it does not handle difficult angles as a telehandler does.


A forklift is a major investment for any business. If you are buying this vehicle, you would want to use it to its full potential and get a solid return on your investment. Therefore, you need to spend time and select the forklift that best suits your worksite. And if you are looking to save money on repairs and maintenance, you can do so by opting for remanufactured parts