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Virgin America introduces First Class Shoe


Virgin America has teamed up with creative agency Eleven and SearchnDesign in Milan, to develop a one-off pair of sneakers that features Wi-Fi and video screen. The sneakers are made of Italian white leather to match Virgin America’s first class seats, and are supposed to be the only shoes ever created that boast WiFi, moodlighting, a video display, and a built-in phone charger.

There is only one pair available and they are being auctioned on eBay for charity (the proceeds going to Soles4Souls, a non-profit charity committed to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing.)


Mike McKay, chief creative officer at Eleven, explained: “Virgin America fliers are fashionable, sophisticated, and almost impossible to reach with traditional advertising. But we knew sneaker trends were very popular with our target audience. So we wanted to showcase the airline’s features in a unique way — so our target would actually take notice.”

The First Class Shoes are currently has a highest bid of $8,900 USD. The shoes will be delivered in a custom plexiglass display case with LED lighting – the perfect way to show off this unique item.


virgin-america-first-class-shoe-3 virgin-america-first-class-shoe-4 virgin-america-first-class-shoe-5

all images and video courtesy of Eleven