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Ways to Make an Apartment Feel More Like Home 

Ways to Make an Apartment Feel More Like Home 

When you first walk into your apartment, you may appreciate its neutral and bland aesthetic. It’s a blank slate waiting for you to transform it according to your style. However, you may suddenly find it difficult to make the apartment actually feel like home. Here are a few ideas to help you transform your apartment’s mood into a welcoming and homey one. 

1. Photo Collage

Apartment walls are bare. Some of them even have odd lengths or widths. You may not be sure what to do with the walls. One of the best chic apartment ideas to consider is to make is to fill them with a photo collage. Taking your favorite photos of your family or your adventures, you can create a story on the walls.

The collage can depict the various memories that were captured. Each time you pass the wall, you’re reminded of those memories. It can offer you a feeling of joy and peace.

The great thing about photo collages is that they can be as small or large as you want. You may even make a family tree collage on one of the walls. 

2. Inspirational Decorations

Whether you love to collect coffee mugs, decorative pieces, or framed inspirational quotes, you can use them to make your apartment feel more like home. It’s one of the great chic apartment ideas that can be placed practically anywhere since they come in so many formats.

Coffee mugs that offer you a quick motivational boost can be stacked neatly in an area. You may even be able to hang them for display purposes only. Not only will this make you feel motivated, but anyone who walks in the kitchen will be able to delight in the homey feeling they provide.

You can also find several different photos and other decorative pieces with inspirational messages on them. By placing them throughout your apartment, you can give it a feeling of good vibes and make it feel more like home. 

 Ways to Make an Apartment Feel More Like Home 

3. Photo Blankets

Personalized blankets can be one of the best ways to make your apartment feel like home. Not only do throw blankets add some color and style to a room, but they can also make it feel personal. If you have children, then you may want to take your favorite photos of them and turn them into a personalized blanket. This blanket can even make a great gift when your children eventually grow up and leave the home.

You can make a personalized blanket out of practically any photo that you have. Family photos, pet photos, or even just personal photos that you have can inspire a feeling of love and support that makes your apartment feel like home.

4. Paint The Walls According To Your Style

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same interior design elements found in a typical home. That design starts with the paint. Some apartments may have regulations about whether or not you can paint the walls. Most are agreeable to it so long as you paint the walls white again before you leave.

Choosing the right shades of color is important. This is one of the best cozy apartment ideas because it can make you feel comfortable and rested. You may find that lighter shades or earthy tones give you this feeling. Perhaps it’s the same shade of color as the walls that made up your childhood home.

Find the color that invokes that feeling of love and comfort in you, then paint your apartment with it. 

Ways to Make an Apartment Feel More Like Home 

5. Use Candles to Provide a Homely Scent

Another one of the best cozy apartment ideas to consider is using candles. Whether you have a neighbor that smokes or not, you should always use a candle or some other scent diffuser to create a scent for your home. If you travel back through your memories, you’ll likely find that you associate the feeling of home with a certain scent. It may be the scent of baked cookies or the refreshing scent of evergreen trees.

Whatever the scent may be, you can always choose to recreate that in your apartment. You can also choose to define a new scent for your apartment. This scent will be the new one associated with your home. 

6. Play with Lighting

One problem you may face with your apartment is that it can feel cramped. A great way to make it feel more spacious like a home is to increase its lighting. You can do this by using bright, white, lights. You want to mimic natural lighting as much as possible. Using yellower lights can make a room feel a bit more closed in. This is ideal for rooms like bedrooms which should feel enclosed, safe, and comfortable. Other rooms, however, can benefit from bright lighting.

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