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Well lighting collection by MEJD Studio


Inspired by traditional water wells, Štefan Nosko and Katarína Beličková of Bratislava-based firm MEJD Studio applied the principle of the simple wooden handle mechanism winding of the rope to send a bucket down into the abyss to create their ‘Well‘ lighting collection. In the case of lower positions the light becomes gradient blue while in the second variant it goes from clear transparent to sanded matte.

2-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 3-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 4-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 5-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 6-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 7-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio 8-well-lighting-collection-by-mejd-studio

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